Max stat glitch

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [Glitch
Region: [usa

There is a max stat glitch that a tribe is using on server 3566 to harass and raid everyone. I will not say how to do it I just want it fixed!!!

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Read the forums, it’s already patched on pc and should be patched tomorrow on Ps4

Thanks and I’m not on here enough to find updates and stuff.

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I have tried to use it to get on a level playing field with a tribe we are against. Can’t fight people who are using that glitch without using it yourself. However I can’t seem to get it to work. So either I’m doing it wrong or it’s already been fixed. If it’s been fixed how do they still have all stats.

I am not sure it’s fixed, it has been mentioned that the patch for fixing this glitch was still in certification, at Sony. And we haven’t got an update for PS4 in quite a while, so I am sure it hasn’t been patched for us yet.

From what I’ve read, when that glitch is fixed, everyone (or at least the glitched players) will have their attribute points reset, with the correct number of points to spend now. So until then…

I hope so. I have noticed the last few times they were to patch things they left what was done the way it was. Example duped building and explosive remain only took items from inventory. Going with that as long as they don’t respec they remain God’s. No reason to respec if maxed on everything.

great I’m on 3566. any idea what biome the tribes in?

@Icedhuntsman I would personally not get people to publicly state how to perform exploits, or try to use or reproduce exploits myself. As a player, I am responsible for my actions and doing that may worsen the situation for me.

I would instead leave my server owner a message or report it on the forums, so people are able to contact them.

I have tried several times to report. So has many others and yet we still see the same exploits being used by the same people. If they can’t be banned or fixed then why not level the playing field till this problem is addressed.

I play as game is intended and still do for now however if this stuff isn’t fixed before long I have one of 2 options. Level the playing field or stop playing.

its fixed now we cant do it anymore

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