Glitch server 4508

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: 4508

As you closed my ticket I opened another, answering the questions below:

Is it hard to reset all server attributes? Just have a good will to analyze the points distributed of each character, there are several events such as:

  1. Cara picks up a whole chest of items and rushes off, picks it up, and the blood hardly ever comes down. The guy hits you and rips off half the blood, etc. etc.

Apparently you don’t want players to have a good experience with the game, if you can help it I appreciate it.

Hello @Oliveiraman, we’ve closed the other post as it was against our guidelines, as it was explained in our reply.

We’re aware of the exploit being reported and it’s being looked into by the developers, as we’ve said and we’re unable to take action upon players without solid evidence of exploits being abused.

Should we determine that a global attribute reset is necessary, we’ll be sure to notify the playerbase in advance. These decisions usually depend on how widespread certain issues are, so if you have any additional and relevant information regarding this exploit or possible abusers, be sure to reach out to us through PM, as posting publicly regarding exploits or exploiters is not allowed.

Thanks for the reply, I have already asked the rest of the players to also open a recovery, if you can request or reset the global attributes for this server will be of great help.
Thanks for the deleted ones the next time I send the message at pm.

They really use cheating, because last week when we were attacking their base the server crashed without explanation and came back 5 minutes later

I received these two player images from this server, can you now globally reset attributes or need more proof?

I have images to prove or display attributes, such as how to send as images to you, I am unable to do it by the forum post.

No problem at all, we’ll reach out to you through PM!

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