Hacks or glitching

Game mode: Online
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: Europe

We have been fighting with several clans on a server for days, since joining a player, when fighting we started to disconnect from the PS4, the boy has 3-4 times the hit range, apart sometimes plays normal and hit being of At night, it is daylight, and hits as usual with a huge range, my teammates have been playing in different servers for more than 1 year and it is very frustrating that someone kills you with such an advantage, being impossible to go through a tree and , Do it, our server is 3204 on PS4,

You should attempt to capture these events using the share function on the PS4. If you can get a clear understanding of what is happening you can report it to;

I believe there is a exploit that resembles what you are stating. However I’m not sure what exactly you mean by “night it is daylight”.

We were playing a private game and when the administrators accessed the administrator panel, if for example it was night, it is daylight, it is also happening to our colleagues and me, that suddenly we run out of stamina, that we disconnect when we constantly attack the base, we drop the audio to almost everyone when we fight

So you are playing on a private server? Or official? You said private game.

official, i play before few time, to try it, and few official servers like my friends, they move on some servers to raid people but we never watch anything like this, that guy have some life, have some strenght and take all stuff of death people, we dont know how can do everything with stats

Obviously some one is taking advantage of a glitch or causing one. The Funcom people will be on tomorrow hopefully they can assist with the problem.

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we are trying record that guy, we record a little yesterday but today is not glitching, tomorrow will try again to report

Sounds like someone is lagging bad, (aka the boy) is abusing connection to screw with people near by. If not via router, via MTU setting.

I assume Night Eye Potions if there easily finding you during night time.

i use to, is not a problem, the problem is the range of his spear, he only use spears, is bad fighting but his range…is so so long, like 3 or 4 times

With bad connection via MTU, lag switching vartions and other setting, on his end they could be hitting you perfectly but for you, do to delay from servers and connection seems like there whacking you from no were to far away. (seen this abit in COD and GTAO)

There no hacks on ps4 that’ve seen, (don’t think OS has been cracked) So it kinda narrows it down what there doing.

There few other things that come to mind, but don’t really fit bill.

I would try and get footage of it.

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Hello @pexitomctetis, welcome to the forums!

We’ll need irrefutable proof of the actions described in your report in order for our team to be able to look into the situation and consider any possible actions. This would include video clips of the exploits in action shared privately through the Exploit Hunters tool, as LordKAA suggested, or sent to @Hugo or @Ignasi through private message.

Here’s our full stance regarding this matter:


So far we have not had more problems, the day after posting we sent them to the desert, and they left the server, thank you all for reading and helping out :slight_smile:

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