I love Conan Exiles, played 700 hours on #1100 and bought every DLC so far.
My clan and I are peaceful players but play on PVP because we like the possibility of fights. It is always exciting to meet someone new, not knowing how he will react. We had wars, were raiding or got raided and all of it was fun.

But now we have a clan of cheaters/glitchers on the server. They ruined the game for me. We saw about 5 different glitches/bugs/cheats they were using. I don’t want to mention them since I know Funcom knows, and describing them is like an invitation to the next upcoming glitcher. Confronted with the things we saw, that clan stated, glitching was pro-gaming and finding all exploits/glitches was what defines a good player.
But to me, a good player is a fair one and a pro-gamer is a person who can defeat you without cheats (and has too much time^^).

I would ask anyone who finds a glitch/bug/cheat to report it to Funcom instead of using it. And I would ask Funcom to fix the issues and ban cheaters. Ban like in forever.
Oh, and a suggestion: I have a strong feeling, this clan got already banned, came back with different accounts, raided their own old base and build a new one on the very same spot (after decay). If that is possible, you should consider wiping anything a clan posses as well, so they can’t get it back.
Now feel free to hate me.

So long and thanks for all the fish!


I tend to agree with your stand point. Although cheats have been a part of gaming since the beginning they were things build into the game to be used post completion. Some games will actually make fun of you for playing with built in cheat codes or lowering the difficulty level. These things are still part of the intended gameplay and many of them offered as a reward for completing the game.

Glitches are outside of that realm it’s like finding a tear in the code that allows you to move outside of the intended perimeters. The people that find them are usually highly skilled in their craft however they are not usually the offenders you come across casually playing the game IMHO.

To say that using something that was not intended as part of the game somehow makes you a PRO gamer is ridiculous to say the least. Any PRO tournament I’ve watched has been heavily monitored by judges who would immediately pull the plug on anyone using an unintended glitch to gain an advantage. Additionally the actual PRO gaming community prides themselves on their skill and tactics to win over the other players inside the games parameters.

Conclusion cheating is fun that’s why you can make yourself an admin in a solo game and do whatever you want. This doesn’t effect other people at all.

When you use a glitch, cheat or whatever you want to call it to gain an unfair advantage over another player it makes you weak and pathetic. You can only test real skill and tactics on a level playing field.

I should probably put a sock in it now and move along.

Before I do I know that Funcom is concerned about this and working to solve the issue. I believe I saw that they had solved it internally and were working to roll out patches. :+1: Kudos to the Dev team!

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Hey @Korahan

We do not condone cheating and exploiting in the game, although we prefer to fix the exploit rather than banning the exploiter. If you’re aware of how to reproduce any exploit, as always we would like to remind that we have our special tool to process those reports ( Exploit Hunters), or contacting any of our staff privately.
If any of those exploiters is doing it in an open and rampant way, you can also get in touch with us privately so we can determine if it is worth making an extremely rare exception, but bearing in mind what we highlighted above.

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Thank you Ignasis, for answering.

The problem with Exploit Hunters to me is, that in most cases the person willing to report an exploit sees the effects but doesn’t know how to reproduce them. Also there is no list of all known exploits to see if it has already been reported. Sure, you don’t want to make a manual on how to exploit by publishing them, but on the other hand I always think you probably already know.
The only solution I see is to hot-fix an exploit really quick right after it is reported. Such fixes need to be pushed right at the top of the to-do list.

There are 3 exploits I can reproduce though und 2 minor ones I found on my own but never used. I will add them to the the Exploit Hunter system.

You contact privately no use, I sent 2 private messages about players to 2 people of the service (on the forum) and I still have no answer, they have not even been read. Regarding the report of glitch / cheat, you ask legit players who finds it to explain how they work, certainly we see but where is the interest of trying to redo it … The people who see it do not want to cheat, otherwise they would not report it. And as I said on another post, there are hundreds of glitch video on youtube, so it’s not hard to know how they do it.
An example: I saw before yesterday a video for max stats, just take a lotus potion 1 min before the restart server.
i sent link in private
And now that it is written on the forum you will have a multitude of additional glitcher.

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