What can we do with glitcher after 1 year ?!

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [too many]
Region: [France]

Hello everyone, I play conan exile on the same server (#3142 PVP official) since May 2018. Since the beginning, I do not count the number of blue screen, loss of body, item disappearance, glitcher and I pass…

This post will be simple, I would like to know if some of you managed to have constructive feedback from funcom.

I have been playing with my husband and friends for a year as I said above. Since that day we have one of our friends whose character was deleted after a death, he died, his game crashed, he came back … he had to recreate a character. So we sent an email explaining the case (specifying well CONAN EXILES in the part that goes well) the answer of funcom was: ‘’ This is not the good game ‘’ …

Following a third conan bug we decided to call funcom directly, there a message on the answering machine told us … ‘’ We are on holiday ‘’ …

Then we sent an email to explain that glitching players (they clearly told us that they used a glitch of duplication) which allowed them to surround all our bases of sandstone foundations so that we can not no longer build at home and we can not go out either Funcom replied “we can not do anything”

Then friends of mine were reported to have built a sandstone wall (with doors that were open every day, the wall was there only for the old players can connect because the free game was a horror for the old ones) and they were banned yet funcom told me that he could not do anything and that it was G-portal who would manage …

Today we still have glitchers on our server, they are about ten and have 5 all stats (it is easy to see it since they have the double jump, do not undergo damage of bleeding and poisons and quietly with the contents of a vault on them)
So I sent mails funcom that now no longer answer, it’s so much faster to ignore. I contacted g-portal … and there, a person told me he would not handle anything either they are just host of servers …

Sorry for this long text but I had to quote (almost) everything to know if other people also had this kind of problem with Funcom

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Hey there,

We have neither phone nor email support, the forums being the way we collect feedback.
Regarding griefing in our servers, here’s our stance:
If you’re aware of any exploits and how to reproduce them, please use our tool Exploit Hunters.

hi, i saw this post. I understand that the forum is the only way to say something only I do not understand how people can be banned without appearing on this forum (I looked for their account name, character, server number, reason for their ban …). there must be another way of report. I see that the people I am talking about are always doing wrong. These people try to racket the other players which remains illegal as practical.

And if you want to know how player glitch… there’s a lot vidéo on YouTube… search Conan exiles max attribute or duplicate…

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