Server 3512 pve official

Just when I thought the game was running smoothly again today while fighting a boss in a cave on a cliff side next to the Volcano the game started glitches out like it never has before period other people in my clan said they experienced the same thing so it wasn’t just my console or game. The boss started owning me because of this so I started to write out of the cave while it would glitch in pause for a second then I would run that it would pause that I would run well I ended up running off the cliff outside but visually I was and even there yet and I died. Yep you die in the game it happens. But when you die because a crop like this after spending a 100 hours farming equipment and dying trying to gather armor scraps for the new best armor and losing all the legendary weapons you had because the server glitch to. It’s so disheartening I don’t even know where to begin. Upon reboot eating the game glitch doubt so badd that my house add every tree that I cut down where I Built-in the middle of my Room and I was floating in mid air. All other members of my clan experienced the same thing on their consuls. We were not able to successfully log in and play for 40 minutes. What I finally did get to log in I returned to my death loot to find nothing there of course. That happens pretty much 75% of the time period did all the usual steps to get it to appear and then decided to check the event log. 15 minutes prior to when we logged back in successfully is when everything I had decayed. Everything that I had to grind for for dozens of hours gone because of a glitch. It’s a game you die in it it happens. If you stupid you go against a boss he kills you well that’s on you. So what happens when it’s not on you and it’s on the servers. I feel like there should be some sort of Reparation for this period but I know I’m just talking in the dark because this is the 4th time I’ve talked about it with no comments or responses from anyone. So tonight I typed in server 3512 and on the current exiles page it says this server is no longer affiliated with Conan? I took a screenshot of it if that’s the truth why the hell is it showing up in the list under official servers. After 6 months of building in doing everything I’ve done is this server just trash and I have to start all over from the beginning? If that’s the case I’m done. I am in a wash my hands of this game. It is a dam shame too because it’s probably one of the best games I’ve ever played. The less you can get me back extremely rare legendary weapons return all my armor to me give me back my thrall I lost in the glitch when I died and all that ship, don’t even bother responding honestly. I’m just expressing my extreme frustration With how this game runs

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if you and several other people experienced the same lag at the same period of time, it might been possbile that such a wave have been maid by unusual activity (not from your party but something like heavy building destruction or ddoss can happen)

Commenting here to add the latest wonderful glitch (on 3512 official pve). Game crashed. Upon restarting game and logging back in, character had inexplicably died and entire inventory was gone. Event log showed that all the items had decayed. Within about a 15 minute window. I’ve seen a lot of people suggest placing all inventory into chests to store them when logging out. But that doesn’t help at all when the same issue happens due to the game crashing. How do we bring these sorts of issues to the attention of Funcom?

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