Official server #3514

Official server #conan-exiles 3514 PvE has crashed on a daily basis for the last two weeks. Mid to end of July 18

It goes down and isn’t searchable for anywhere from 2-8 hours. HELP!!!

I’ve been on this server for about a week and, yeah, it happens more than I’ve ever seen.

That’s my main server and it crashed the last 2 nights right after 2300 hrs server time and like he said it stays gone for awhile.

Yeah, it’s down now too

Hello #3514 I’m on #3515 And we’re having the same problems with the server crashing, I noticed #3514 went down minutes after us yesterday.

I hope that a CM can bring us some official word about the issue soon.

Yeah, I have characters on 3515 and 3514 and BOTH are down right now. Ridiculous.

Still crashing, the last 2 times I’ve sat down to play the server doesn’t even come up in the server list. I just want to play the game

HELP US @Funcom_Community

Yup. Same here. Can’t play because BOTH of the servers I play on are down… again…

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