Official Server 3514 Crashed

Game mode: Inline
Problem: Crashing server
Region: America

SERVER 3514 crashed again

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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They’ll lock this thread because #3514’s & #3515’s repeated crashing has been reported multiple times.

Try posting here Official server 3514 crashed again and again and again

And Conan Exiles Official Server Report Tool

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I understand it’s been reported many times but of you read through the reports no one seems to have been given any type of responds (I did get a message back from the person who consolidated the reports tonight after I messaged her directly asking about it) so our only option was to continue to report it so that it is seen as a continued issue

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I understand,
It does kinda feel like we’re being ignored since there hasn’t been an official reply yet, But I’m pretty sure that we do have Funcoms attention at this point. They’re probably figuring out how to address the problem, Before posting a response.


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