Server #1149-1150-1151 DOWN AGAIN

Info plz ?

Only 1149-1150 and 1151 are offline…


Last time this crap happend servers were offline for over 24 hours… bloody piece of crap company keeps releasing more and more servers and dont give a rats bottom about the stability of the ones they already have. The game is nice but the constant fatal errors and server crashes make it unbareable to play it.


Ok this is getting ridiculous


This is a joke… 3 days ago, this server crash…more than 24 hours to save the data and export them to another serve… and again the same crash…

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The thing I don’t understand, and we are getting no explanation for this, is why only these servers?!!? Why isn’t this issue fixed and why is Tardcom still releasing more servers instead of making sure the ones they already have are stable?!?!?! I Would like some valid answers to these questions

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If this continues I will denounce the company, if they do not want to be responsible for the official servers, detail in the game information, you need a private server to enjoy the game.

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The ps4 players have infinity problems with the lag and fps of they servers…
Is a joke how they relasing the entire game with this problem.

Bru…pls bru…

All up again now

3 Hours… and we are alone…

The same on 3361 it’s annoying as hell

Edit: not worth the stress

Hi there,

These servers should now be fixed. If they are not, let me know and I will pass along the information.

Ty it’s ok now.

But if we can get information on problems and interventions sooner it would be nice. We are aware that there may be technical problem but the lack of information is problematic

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