Server 1039EU is down

we cant log in in.

Looking into it! Thanks for the report.

just reboot it please.

Reporting it via the http report server tool gets no response and from the gameGUIbutton just nothin happens.


Should be back up!

Ive seen it go offline but didnt see it get up again so i came inhere to read some.

ill have a go at it, and thanks, nice adequate forum support. :slight_smile:

yes it’s on again, thanks.

Yes it was up and now is down again sorry to bother you but we need a re boot again.

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And it crashed again, please retry.

maybe let Gportal check a log if poss it seems its on purpose

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im two joints futher by now and forgot . duh.

anything up yet?

still down

seems it’s restarting

It was up again but after again a day with hardly gameplay and the risk losing all you carry crashing during pvp hours. Its all the same as in ea.

Hey everybody,

We’re aware of this issue:

We’re also collecting information about it in this thread, please come by and share your feedback with us: