Coincidence that the servers down?

I just bragged the other week how the game was getting better and better. More content, more stable, optional dlc’s, etc. After the pets update I had a chance to play for an hour. Awesome! But now the server won’t show up and it’s been hours. Did I jinx it or what? Could the server not handle the new data? Did G- portal start using home pc computers as servers? Anyone else notice a decline these past 2 weeks?

What server? There are thousands if them. Official server I play on is always up and runs quite well.

Not a coincidence, definitely your fault Timstah. You have clearly angered one of the gods with such boasting. I suggest an offering of repentance of some sort. 20 human hearts should do it. Better make it 30, just to be safe.

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You might want to check history or just type in the server number if you remember it. I had favorites wipe a few times recently. Assumed the servers were down but they were actually up. I just wasn’t seeing them.

Try to enter your server# manually if it doesn’t show in your list.
If that doesn’t help let me know what server you are having issues with and I check if someone on our side can take a look.

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Not a coincidence the server I play on is afk as well. Official server #2508 pve conflict

America pve-conflict 2506 has been missing for a while.

Checking in on both servers

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Tascha not sure if you made it happen or not, but thank you I see both 2508 and 2506.

That’s good news! Gportal was looking into the issue for us and it seems the repair and reboot helped.
Happy playing!

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Thank you funcom team. I am now able to find it. For the record, I had thought to type in the server number. 2511 pvp xbox1 for the curious. I also filed a report with g- portal using a link they sent…

Just to tag this info i got last night @Tascha

The conan exiles dedicated server do not retry to resolve hostname and live after initial startup.
If for some reason the internet line is down when the server boots it will try to resolve and ping the hostmaster/steam 1 time, but after the one failed try it will not retry.

This is when internet is down for some reason while the server restarts, so it may be why some people wonder where their server went, as it can be up, but not resolved by steam.
That mean someone can ping the ip and get reply, but steam do not aknowledge the server necause its not sending info to steam.

As far as i know the server should, or do send live ping to steam any few minutes, it seems if it do not get the first handshake it will not retry.

A more detailed log on this will come later i think, but thats what we found late last night, as the box had restarted, line was down, and after line came up again we had to restart the server or else it wouldnt show.

Sorry for the various explenations, but i am not sure if you understand me correct.

To try this:

  1. shut down the server
  2. Pull the ethernet plug out/shut down the line
  3. Restart the server
  4. Get fail message as there are no internet line up
  5. Plug in ethernet after a few minutes
  6. See if server retry/resolve host with steam

Ours did not, and we had to reboot server after the line was up to resolve “online” with steam.

Correct, Gportal had in this instance to quick repair and restart the servers which fixed the problem.

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