Conan's Glitchmaster :/

hello all, unfortunately I have to get rid of my frustration with the official server! For a few months you can find glitcher, hacker (sorry battleeye is scrap) or whatever: / on any busy server

unfortunately that makes that whole game broken, it makes fun and I’ve spent many hours in it: D

I play on 1129 server, which has been reported several times, (some people) because glitcher / hacker are on the way here! these use a new version of the 50 stats buff (all attibute at 50)! and these can go through doors and drawbridges once the server becomes laggy!

Why do not you get any answer when reporting a server or why nothing is done? You can tell right away if players are on, why?
normal server state: Ping: 90-140 / SERVER FPS at 26-30
by Glitcher: Ping 130-800 / SERVER FPS at 3-15 (and restarts)

Unfortunately, any idiot can find a lot of glitches on youtube or in other forums :frowning:

Sorry for bad english (use goolge)

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hey Maniac
Sorry to hear your experience mate , I totally understand you , we have similar issue in the server i play 1312 ! Conan is a Beautiful game but unfortunately idiots that cheat ruin it for everyone ! I would recommend to take screenshot or video or any prove you have and report it privately to admin !

Funcom is never too keen in banning people, i don’t know why but if it’s a legit complain they might look into it or at the very least they will reply to you! also they don’t police servers so really players are own their own against cheaters!

funcom doesn’t ban because funcom is absolutely useless in that regard, manpower they say… what a load of BS, I could pay them 40$ for the 1 hour of their time to check the server and perma ban the player…

there is 1 suggestion a donation box for server admins ! im pretty sure it would work , im sure i would donate

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Funcom sees hackers/glitchers and says:

The Exiled Lands have magic.

Working as intended.

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