Official Server 1092 Speedhack/ddos

Since 2days we have big lags on 1092
it takes 10min to respawn after u die
the server goes up to 1020 all the time
its because we have a speedhacker clan on our server whos using every kind of bug
i sent u a private message about them Ignasis
now its not possible to join the server and the deathscreen is over 20+min

Funom always ignore info about glitchers ect. Few month ago i reported guys who had all buildings in textures. And they still not banned and still playing. I get a lot of screenshots and other proofs. Nothing help. Noone help me.

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Hey there,

Please be aware that there is no admins on official server and reports are handled in a case by case basis. Additionally, we do not ban per demand nor per small exploits. Additionally, our activity and speed of response might be slow due to the current global events. So, to reiterate:
To report players, clans or exploits please send a DM to either me or @Hugo with enough evidence so it can be relayed to our team.
Doing so publicly in the forums goes against our community guidelines.

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