Hackers ruining official servers

Funcom please, something has to be done about hackers running rampant in your servers. They ruin hours of work within seconds, no clipping through walls, speedhacking, invisible, esp… there are several on 1944 and seeing the other discussions in this forum it looks like they are wreaking havoc on other servers too. Please fix your anti-cheat and ban them


I play on 1944 and ya i cant even play the game this game will die out if the anti-cheat is not fixed or getting a admin on just to send some bans out (cheaters sometimes buy the game over and over just to cheat).


Mention this taboo topic and your thread will go poof like mine did so shhhh……
Just pretend there is not a problem or leave for a year at a time like many of us do and return hoping things are fixed only to see the same ol’ stuff and leave again hoping some day Funcom will get their act together.


Same on Age of Conan: Unchained.

The game is not enjoyable for the same reasons you posted, only now, it’s literally unplayable; servers are down as well as accounts compromised, banned, and/or deleted.

I don’t know about your game, but Customer Support is absent in Age of Conan: Unchained. Generally, help tickets go unanswered for 1 to 3-months, which is unacceptable, but especially when it’s a security issue.


We are getting ppl lowering their kbps with some limiter and getting into bases before the game loaded all the structures (because benches and furnaces load first, then the whole structure). We are alphas in #1999 official pvp and we got attacked by 4 hackers in the last 2 days…


Same problem on official 1313. You can see our past problems in a video above.

See, this is my home server and I played there actively for about half an year so everyone can imagine what I put in on hours. But I have to leave it behind now because it makes absolutely no sense to play on this server anymore.

It was EU located for 2 years, back when I joined I decided to go there because the ping was the best for me. 2 months ago all of a sudden it got transferred to russia since funcom and gportal made some mistakes because it was planned to be a Russian server all along. We got no message and even tho more than half of the server complained about it they just left us in russia with now 150-200 ping constantly instead of 40-60. In pvp that feels so bad but it came worse + there are so many other russian servers as if hosting that one in germany like it was before for freaking 2 years would create any negative effects for anyone.

From then in we had many problems. Speedhacking, going through walls to place bombs without destroying a single wall,door anything, hardcore undermeshing and so on. It took multiple messages and almost a week until the STREAMING speed hacking guys got banned and the funny part is, they undermeshed 5 days until they started with other hacks/glitches and we made a video and pictures of it on day 1 with every steam id and even the stream so they can see it themselves. Other than “I’ll let the team know” nothing happened :slight_smile:

On battlematrics 1313 eu was one of the best populated official servers. We had a rank in top 20-50 in pvp servers now the 1313 ru is rank 195.

Everyone left it is about to leave only refreshing timers and not a single soul cares about 40-50 players who played there actively before all the stuff happened. Sad times but I guess quitting on conan is a better option than playing on official pvp servers these days.


They use the same on PVE C and kill me everyday while im offline inside. And noway you can reach me inside my base without using exploits, same 3 people that does all the spamming on the server.

Hopefully with the sale of funcom we can get Server admins, with a huge ban hammer.


I highly doubt they will get admins for all officials.

Me too but they could maybe bring in one or two guys with the only priority of clearing out all the current meshers and cheaters & talk to the community about it because it seems like ignasis and hugo cant really take care of stuff like that or idk? Only thing I know is that they always “let the team know”.

Another point where the transparency problem hits. We dont even know if those two guys are able to clear it out themselves and they are just too busy to do it or dont want it or whatever it is. But out of at least 3 or 4 pms plus multiple forum posts actually non of the hacking/meshers got punished from them. Even though I had prove everytime. Only 1-2 times something happened and those times I had to rely on another person to tell them because my messages are unfortunately worth nothing :neutral_face:


Chinese streamer will fit into texture at 1211 right now. They have been terrorizing this server for more than 4 months

Texture in I6


Another texture


That is very very sad…

It happened to many on 1590

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I would love to have an answer about the hackers and what’s being done with all the reports I’ve been sending the whole week aside from the usual “I let the team know”. They really need to me more transparent about that, otherwise, people will keep the idea of them doing nothing about hackers, dupers and glitchers.

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10min visit to each server, every day, maybe less 5min. Thats 1000 servers in a week.

All they did to ours, was unlist and hide, and shhhh dont tell anyone…

Yes, these Chinese guys did the same thing on my server 1322, when we tried to RAID them, they started ddos

Sorry kids, Funcom isn’t going to hear your cries. This was the same story on 1600, easily the most popular pvp server I’ve ever played on. And we begged Funcom and Ignasis in specific to come do something when we saw the usual suspects from previous servers show up and assert dominance through all of the methods described here. Our server died a slow death and now usually sits around 3-5 players, down from 40 at raid time.

And the cherry on top? All of these players are just waiting for these beloved servers to pop back up in population so that they can dust off their body vaulted loot and start killing the servers again.


Ahaha, the Chinese are openly discussing in chat how will DDoS the server if we go back to break their fortress.