Big issue with multiple Hackers on #1800 for 2 weeks

I just got back into Conan a couple weeks ago, in the past the hackers were not so blatant… Seems like the norm is speed hacking, wiping bases by spawning in infinite bombs, teleporting and causing a lot of active players to quit the game. We all came together to get as many clips of these guys hacking as possible.
I’ve seen that Funcom is pretty active on banning foundation spam so I’m hoping the response time for people using third party software is faster. I’m positive these guys are hoping servers too, probably racking up a ton of reports from other people. Has anyone actually seen hackers getting banned on official servers, or are we all wasting our time hoping that something will be done?

sadly i can confirm you there is a serious problem with reports for hacking/cheating.

what can i say to you, in last case of clear hackers that i reported, even providing to zendesk all clear evidence of video recording of use of hack and even the link of the stream of the hackers that was streaming every day (in a foreign language from asia) what he was doing on a new official server every day. result was that at least a quick treatment of the report was done (in less than 5 days when it can be over one month even in case of heavy use of glitch or hack, but case was really with clear and obvious evidence and all informations needed provided), i was happy thinking that at least they had perman ban those accounts. but to my surpise a friend of mine 3 weeks after sent me video of one of those hackers playing on other official, and sadly the guy was using the same funcom id than the one i reported (with msg of fc saying they treated the case), which mean that the one who treated the case of the streaming hacker i reported has consider it was worthing only a 2 weeks or 3 weeks suspension…
now about report, of the over 100 reports i did over real matter of hacking, undermesh and skybase, i got in 60% of case zendesk totally ignoring report about undermesh and skybase, and when action was done by zendesk time to take is about 3 weeks -5 weeks. and well sadly they seem to be much much faster to suspend a legit player for their base (even if no creating real problem for other player if reported by some people who abuse the report system) than to deal with reports of clear hackers and cheaters or even someone that spam the map with foundation 2 grid square away from his base.

i guess someone will have one day to ask why to the customer service manager why they are so relunctant to treat hacking/cheating case, and why they do not apply what say the tos about it. and why they seem to consider that to build a skybase or deep undermesh is only a glitch when it require to use a third party program for those that build that in one day.

if you want my answer : there is a skill problem, otherwise i have no explanation.

and even if this happened one year ago, i would like to give a special mention and hope about “sandsworm” from behind zendesk that treated a case of hacker reported in less than 24h and applied a real sanction, but i never heard back of this one, now the question is sandsworm is still working ? because i never seen him treat again any case i submited. and my suggestion will be if he left, hire it back, and if he still here, promote him to take care of zendesk report and manage the team.

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What do you think a ban of a single account will actually do to the person?

Correct, nothing.

They will just buy a new account for 5$ and continue hacking.


yup this is true as they have dozens of accounts or even more.

but an account lost is better than no account lost in those cases

This might be why they don’t act and reports for other things take priority.

They wouldn’t get these reports if BE did its job though. Relying on antihack that updates periodically instead of immediately once changes are implemented isn’t a good measure.

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Well… what does “hacker” mean to you? Maybe you meant “cracker”, but found it racists to use? Maybe you a speed hacker, as saying it that way rules some out. I left a few messages about fixes to such code, but no one signed on to them.

Good dayn so hard to get a mod developer to assert speed in their mod that affects speed!

Thanks, yeah this explains a lot.

Lol, your response seems a bit crazy and gaslighting tbh. Maybe leave racial slurs out of public forums?

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Don’t bother honestly.

Hacking the way most understand it is using 3rd party programs. While it is not true hacking in the sense of the word and definition as it is using 3rd party programs to inject code it is still cheating the game. As such, most of us refer to it as hacking.

No amount of using apologetics for mod authors and their ability to create alternate scenarios makes up for unfair advantages.

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No, just experienced in these things over the last 45 years.

There is a lot of interference just using the word hacker. Even more when I hear others describe hacker groups, like there are two biggies here on the forums. Doesn’t say much, but they are quite sensitive.

I am also experienced in such things.
But I see, purposely not helping the discussion because of your 45 year “experience”… If you are not going to support the conversation then stay out of it please. Its easy to see where this is going… If you do want to engage then lets keep to the topic of the post, id love to hear your thoughts.

Obviously I hold some sentiment, but saying purposely is wrong. I stated my bias/position as a courtesy. I’m not dragging the conversation there, as I never had that intention.


It’s a troll. I believe most forums user have ignored this guy.

Just click 2 times on his profile picture and on the top right select this:


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