Wiped by hacker after 3 weeks

I returned to conan after a very long break, i buy base game+siptha+pass on PC (was on PS4 before). I got to play only for 3 weeks before a full clan of 10 cinese people come on server 1100 wiping everyone with hacks and exploit, GG funcom.

Have you filed a Zendesk report? The more information you can give will help. If they are truly hackers if banned will probably come back under new accounts sorry to hear what happened to you

Welcome to PC gaming


Can tell you that, Zendesk is not working great tbh. I know hackers that still runs around with same accounts after 1+month (yes they got reported)

Hi @vaal123

Please make sure you send a report over to our team in Zendesk as they will be able to look into this further.

You can either use the ticket form page or you can use the in game reporting option.

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