Ruin System is on official server 1584 *cheating/exploit*

Ruin system is phasing through walls using some sort of cheat outside of raid hours. He’s getting into secure bases and killing the inhabitants. His steam account is like 3 days old which leads me to believe that he is buying new accounts after being banned and continuing to cheat. This issue probably can’t be solved via banning. It will probably require funcom identifying the method of cheating and patching it. Regardless the new account should be banned immediately.

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You need to make a report including irrefutable evidence through zendesk.

Good Luck!

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Yea. Goodluck with that, I’ve reported this issue multiple times. They have been looting locked vaults and chests for months now nothing has been done. Also, they have some kinda of ESP hack and they know your exact location. Don’t worry, evidence will be uploaded of them hacking. You can keep banning these accounts, but I can assure you they will be right back the next day. Fix these exploits!

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Already been reported with video evidence… itill get banned and be back in 2 hours with a new account. Accounts are cheap, not much can be done idiots been doing this for years, funcom is unable to stop him/her. Not the first time def. not going to be the last.

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I know it’s annoying, but all we can do is report them. It is a constant game of cat, and mouse.

Even though you can pick up a copy of CE for a relatively low cost, each ban they recieve is still money out of their pockets.

FC seem to be improving their reporting procedures, and I’m sure they will continue to do so.

Even games companies that issue HWID bans are mostly ineffective, as people can easily change the relevant details.

I am with you though, I hope they patch some of those exploits soon.

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This exploit has been around for months. You would think they would be able to solve them by now…but hey, I think I’m done with Conan now. Alot of players I played with throughout the years have quit because of this. You spend weeks farming and then it’s all gone because someone can loot locked vaults… it’s really ridiculous…

They patch those exploits since alpha release and they are always present.

And for counter speedhackers and peuple who pass/loot trouth doors/walls they just need enable ping restriction for exemple 120 ms for eu zone and drop players with unstable crap connection who teleport around the map and cause frustration for normal players.

Also they need dissable dirrect ip connections who allow cheaters connect to the server with very big ping and with software who allow them interact with internet packets (limit them for pass/loot trouth doors/walls) or (increase them for speedhack).

I think they fixed the loot thru walls bug. This person has abilities of an admin see into vaults and chests.