Hacks are dominating the game

I don’t know how many of you here are aware, but there is currently a hack in Conan Exiles that is completely killing the game (including the private servers).

With this hack it is possible for you to have speed hack (which affects your attack speed and any other animation, including potion ones), teleport other players in front of you, know the location of other players (ESP), enter invisible inside the base of enemies, place bombs and view the contents of containers.

As much as hackers are reported, they are banned only on official servers, and some of the hack functions interfere with private servers, because there is no way to monitor (ESP for example).
Besides this, if they get banned on official, they come with another acc to continue their work.

Is Funcom aware of this?
Is there anything being done about it?

And as for the community, who has had contact with these hacks?
I remember a few years ago there was a wave of hackers, but Funcom managed to solve it.


A video footage showing one of the many features =\

I have documented the Hackers before found a stream of one, he could teleport walls, lock onto a far away player and teleport hit them, looks like hes doing that to you, speed hack, and open vaults , and you can find numerous YouTube videos on it.

Not all too much that can be done, funcom is more on it then they used to be but they seem to have an infinite amount of accounts, maybe because the game is so cheap where they are from or it might be a hack in of itself (seen evidence they can hack dlc like siptah) .

Private servers really need to rely on the vigilance and investigation of their own admins.

There is a somewhat legal form of ESP existing due to funcoms introduction of healthbars though.

and afaik, hackers come in waves but the issue is never truly solved.

I have reported this hack like 2 years ago to them.

Go figure :slight_smile:

the real issue is that you can’t even climb a block in this game with out warping back down.

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I can actually explain this somewhat, it was when funcom live was introduced it made ping incredibly high to even normal servers within your region, people were having to use direct connect just to get on their own servers, and it seems like it just got left as a work around.

people might hate it but I would like to see some hard IP region locks myself, some nations have a culture that discourages fair play and they pay less for the game, I shouldn’t be forced to pay more to play with such people.


well said good sir, well said.

I want IP region locks but whats the point when you have vpn’s.

well i believe is possible to make it so they cant join, if their steam country is outside EU.
so then they atleast cant buy the game for 50% less.

I used to play ranked in RVS-R6 we had a uk/Norwegian/Dutch clan, guess what we had to stop cause of cheaters. Always one foot ahead, unless you lock the game up, server side stats aka locked stats only given at each lvl. No mods allowed etc.

some issues can be solved by changing some aspects on game code, others don’t…
the main thing is funcom to know about the existence of this problem and try to solve it.

One year ago i was perma ban for “hacking” but no one of my clan was using anything like this only because my clanmate was lagged, and the true hackers are all over there. This is really sad.

I really love this game and recently i came back to it to play Roleplay servers, but even them are doomed by this kind of hack. ESP itself ruins everything and the other features are much more nocive.

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Yeah funcom have to do something quick the server 1530 died because of this i see them in every server i go please fix this before everybody uninstall the game forever so much work lost in seconds

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