PS4 Conan Exiles - Do they cheat?

Dear Conan Exiles community,
i am new to this community and ask for some help regarding Conan Exiles on PS4.

We are playing on EU Server 3137 and some strange things going on with players/clan that lately joined this server.

Need to say that i am very experienced in playing Conan on PVP servers. Did a lot of fighting… sometimes you win, sometimes you loose.

But on this server that new players are strange.
At least two or three players of them are nearly unbeatable.
It looks like they have unlimited stammina, they hit super hard and so have so much vitality, that it is close to impossible to kill them.

If you get them down by luck and loot them, they carry so much stuff that i am supprised that they have so many attribut points on encumbarence AND are still so strong, long lasting grit and have high vitality. They wear total diverent amor every time that doesnt make sense in supporting a built.

Is there a way to cheat in spending attribute points?

On the other hand it always starts to lag if they are close. Suddenly they are in front of you and than behind, or disappear… or dont take damage if you hit them??

They can WALK underwater, shot arrow underwater and dont need to breath?

They can build so close to our struckture, that we are not able to place an elevator anymore, we can not replace a thrall in our building or replace a celling in the middle oft the base, that did get demolished by jar, cause „The land is already claimed“ by them??

I realy need help. Otherwise our clan and two others are going to leave the server. It´s in total around 20 players that doesn´t want to play against that cheaters anymore.

Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks.

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It is a bug with the spear damage from day one of this game. If you train your self to use this bug you can huge amount of damage.
We tested:
One perks 3 Grit 3 vitality 2 Encumbrance (heavy armor)
Other Just a spear and full STR
The one with the spear manages to kill the heavy armor with 4 spear strikes at less then a sec interval, the 3 strike will take you half of you HP.
I will not explain you how this is done :slight_smile: i will get ban. Funcom knows about this problem, like i say is old as the game in self ( why do you think all PVP is done with a spear ?)

Nobody play withe spear. They have loos and dont accept this.

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unfortunately there still is currently a way to get extra attribute points by a method involving lagging out your client while taking attribute point reset potion. Doing this glitch several times can allow you to max out all attributes. This is an easy to figure out glitch b/c it happens sometimes by accident with all the server performance issues.

There is currently a way to walk under water at will and its really easy to do that most people figure out how to do this by accident.

all official servers are vulnerable to lag switching simply b/c funcom will not set more aggressive latency settings.
Funcom should be more strict with both region locking and make clients with poor latency/stability drop instantly.

Why players can connect from halfway across the world on servers they have no business on makes zero sense to me. Eu players should stay on EU servers, North American players on NA servers and so on so forth. There should be no one connecting to servers outside their geographic regions b/c they are taking advantage of latency .

During raid hours you can glitch land claims closer to enemy bases than you normally could outside of raid hours. To be honest though in real life anyone could just bring a ladder to climb over your walls anyways.

yep. Witnessed this with some enemy players carrying high grit (i stam out on 4 grit before they do while chasing), high str (attacks hit hard), cheap food stacks (vit perk all food acts as heal),and high enc—stacks of set potions, three weapon types and back up armor (opposite temp so they can swap depending on dome). HE was even rolling in SL! We looted a body after we were able to 2 v 1 him in a corner with 2 sabres for bleed. Figured their had to be a stat glitch involved.

There is a youtube video out there, I cant recall whose it was…but it goes into coding detail of exactly how and why exploits and exploiting will always 100% be in the game. The guy does not tell HOW to do them…but explains why they work the way they do. And unless Funcom starts their base code from step 1 and erases everything they have…you will always see exploiting and duping in one way or another. As mentioned above, lagging your client’s connection to the server is the key to it.

So, despite best efforts…its looking more and more like private servers will be the way to go, where good active admins will ban those that cheat. Good luck exiles.

In reality, as long as their is code in any game, their will be people who find exploits. IT depends on who finds the exploit first. A person who sees it as an advantage, and keeps it to themselves to abuse and win at the game, or ones that want the immersive intended mechanics to decide success/failure, and turn it in as soon as they can replicate. Moral choices really.

I could not disagree with this more. Since I’m an insomniac who lives in NA, I’ve played a lot of GTA online with friends in the EU. Never really had any connection problems.
Playing games with people from other countries and cultures can be quite enlightening.

The problem here is that Conan Exiles is still in an unfinished state and still needs a lot of work, despite the “official release” and all the DLC they keep putting out.

nah dude, this isn’t a traditional mmo, seconds matter and high latency / packet dropping clients in pvp is effectively lag switching. Nobody likes fighting people teleporting all over the place, or being lag ganked.

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Lag fighting does make a huge difference. One side will inevitably be open to accidental lag switching. Maybe PVE it doesn’t matter, but on PVE-C, and definitely on PVP–where every millisecond can determine if a raid/defense falls apart.

Maybe have a few restricted to region, and few open with no ping then.
Over time it would tell if people care or not.

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Thanks for all that help and suggestions. Think that problem will be solved soon.
We are in contact with funcom and g-portal and the server is under investigation by the admins now.
Your suggestions are helpful, but this are real cheaters.

Hey Rensenmann, nice to have you here.

You are one of the cheaters, but the low bob one. You go down fast, even you do cheat.
But you and your mates please keep on cheating. Once you have the permanet ban, there is time to go back to school and finally find a job. There is no need then to play online with your unemployment friends till early morning every day. Cheers.

Rensenmann, nice to have you here.

You are one of the cheaters, but the low bob one. You go down fast, even you do cheat.
But you and your mates please keep on cheating. Once you have the permanet ban, there is time to go back to school and finally find a job. There is no need then to play online with your unemployment friends till early morning every day. Cheers.

U cant play that’s all. Sorry but ur too bad. And Bugs use only u and not me tribe. Have a nice day and play better a other game.

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Hahahah thats so funny. A tribe who is better than yours is also a cheater tribe? The Main Problem is that you always crying. Its Not the First Time. At EU Server 3175 we raid your tribe and their you cry, too.
Thats a big disrespect against us, to say we are jobless cheater. You have a big Problem with Reality.
So beginning with today Rensenman starts with his Twitch Streams again. On 3175 He Streams every day.
On his account are Videos online.
You tribe maybe make some practice how to Play at pvp fight. When you ask respectfull, our best fighter can Show you some moves.

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Can a Admin end this whining?


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