Official servers full of cheaters

Hi, I have played Conan exiles for a while. It is clear to me, that most of the clans and players used and are still using bugs to their advantage. They built massive structures and map rooms with the help of duplication bugs. They have for example stored away thousands of explosive vases. For me it feels pointless to continue playing on official servers. It feels pointless to continue playing at all. I wish you had undone this mess by wiping at least 50% of all the official servers after the recent patch.

There are bugs to collect demon blood very easy. A normal player has to farm hours for a little amount of it. There are bugs to level within an hour to level 60. Normal player need days for that. I had fun with the pve but since I’m level 60 it really doesn’t make any sense to continue playing pvp or pve.

This cheating/grinding really takes all the fun. The global chat is all about glitches and cheating. Why isnt it possible to fix the horrible bugs quicker without the help of players? Scan the server logs or implement control mechanisms.

Anyways, i think im done with the game.


Look Jagar, this is a fact for pretty much any multiplayer survival game. It is not a welcome or attractive fact, but it’s there.

You do not mention being raided to bits (which is the usual exploit-server complaint). If it is that there are others on the server you’re on that appear to get ahead faster than you, then that doesn’t make sense as there’s no way of knowing how they play, how long they play, how many in clan, and what the server crafting experience is set to. Ssome players can rocket through levels the moment they access steel or star metals as there is a LOT of experience rewarded for that. It is sometimes also a reason for very big builds as experience is awarded (for some reason) for building pieces too; and then they have to put the foundations somewhere.

The real question is whether you like the Conan genre or not. If you do then I would recommend you track down and join a private server. There are a LOT (mainly for the reason you’ve stated). If not, rent a server yourself - but there are a lot of others you could try first.

You can also try PvE and Modded servers, which usually have Admins that, if fair, keep things in order.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I would have never bothered to put in 200hrs into the game (much less 2500 that I have) if not for this option.

@Jagar I don’t believe you are seeing duping or exploits. You vastly under estimate the ability of players working together to build and gather. I can honestly tell you it is greater than the sum. Just having one other person makes gathering even simple mats like stone and wood a ton faster.

Then you have the ability to gather exotic mats with very much more efficiency. To give an idea, this castle structure was built in about 24 hours after a server wiped and came online:

That was made by only 2 people in that time. No hacks, no cheats, no exploits. Just coordinating delegation of building and material gathering. Now imagine what 3-4 or more could do? Hell I’d even say those focusing primarily on PVP and not aesthetics could do better than what is pictured.

Also large clans have the benefit of not being screwed with. Which means they don’t have to restock, they don’t have to rebuild. Anything they gather goes right back into building bigger and better structures. So after a week, or two, or a month… it just gets exponentially bigger and massive.

But as stated in the quote, you have private servers if you’re looking for something a little more ‘sane’.

You see the Official servers are without limits. You can build as big as you want, wherever you want, and as much as you want. For a solo player it means you will feel boxed in by larger groups. Even with no hacks, no exploits, no bugs, you will still get boxed in.

When you play on private servers, the individual servers’ rules will mitigate that by limiting claim areas or even how you may raid someone. This means efforts going towards building vaults of explosives are done to other endeavors. Usually a bit of aesthetics in the buildings. And why not? If you can’t spend days and days building multiple and larger and larger structures, why not make the ones you have look nice?

And since in many cases you cannot be offline raided, you don’t have to spend measures of time and resources to defend against that sort of thing. Though there is one slight downside. PVPers on these servers are quite a bit more skilled against an active opponent due to the focus being online interaction rather than scoping each other out during offline times.

Personally if I were to play on an official, I would do it with no less than 2 other friends. Those friends would need to be very active (at least as much as I am). Then I would feel comfortable about making a dent in things. As things stand now, you can’t as a solo player. You need to play private on a server with rules that protect solo players.

Without that, what chance you got? You’re at the whim of those who have those massive structures. Who demand tribute that you can’t hope to pay. Some people thrive as solo players. But @Jagar you are not one of those. You see they have no qualms about losing stuff. To them equipment is just a tool, another mat they can gather.

To you, and many like you. Your gear and equipment is your accomplishment. Its a symbol of everything you’ve done. When that is taken from you, what else do you have left? To these other people, their fame and infamy is their accomplishment. Every sword or spear they lose can be remade. Every armor piece replaced.

There’s nothing wrong with associating buildings and gear as your accomplishments. But you need to rethink how and where you are playing to be compatible with that sort of playstyle and philosophy.


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