Play private server Conan Exiles & Stuff

Lots of complaints here about hackers and exploiters. Lots of building and walling complaints on over c servers.

I suggest you play private servers. I enjoy pvp but don’t have time to guard my base due to work. I settled on a one c server with 24 7 pvp with no building damage. It’s a private server with a list of mods.

I’ve also never played with mods before. 1700 hours in and I finally found a game style that is sustainable and enjoyable for the average person.

The server I found is called Conan exiles & stuff.

It can be hard to find because the server list search is bugged. But you can find the server and mod list here or on Reddit. I typed this on my phone and will link the mod list and direct server connect when I get to a pc.

Conan can be enjoyable for people.


Here is a link to the mods you would need to subscribe too.

And here is a link to direct connect to the server. Click it and steam will launch Conan and connect to Conan Exiles & Stuff. This link is the only way I was able to find the server. Now that ive connected its in my history. The server takes awhile to load, because the mods have to update.


Come join and let Conan be an enjoyable game experience.

Btw there is a section for server ads and recruitment in this forum.

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Honestly good luck on finding a decent private server. Almost every private server I’ve personally experienced has admins that can either be bought or just don’t REALLY care about their server.

You must be seriously unlucky because I havent yet found a private like that with abusive admins and I exclusively play on private servers.

Generally target the higher pop privates as they have higher pop for a reason. The one I have been on now for a few wipes has an awesome admin who is on almost everyday and you can get hold of him easily on discord, he will help you with stuck thralls or investigate potential cheaters, he handles restarts and patches well so his server always runs well, he holds votes for certain changes that people want, eg adding or removing a mod etc.

I think a more appropriate warning is good luck finding an official server with any kind of admin support and that isn’t swimming in cheaters and hackers. When is the last time you played a Private server Fedris? because as an avid private server frequenter myself I cannot vouch for your comments about them at all :confused:

I think the sheer amount of threads which complain about some issue with an official server compared to total lack of the same kinds of threads for private servers should speak volumes about the state of admin support for the two.

I do sometime get suspicious of people who are so rigidly against moving off officials as if they have certain motives for such avocation.

Perhaps it is just also die hards who don’t want to leave their work behind and are also just afraid of losing player pop on officials, Bottom line is that the current state of officials is not good, and sure private servers can be hit or miss but atleast they arent always a miss, atleast with privates you can still find a sever with good admin support and that embodies everything you wish officials were. Sadly you won’t find that on any official server unless Funcom changes their policies towards active moderation. It’s like if you stay on the sinking ship you will 100% drown, where as if you jump onto a life boat you atleast have a chance to survive, yet some people still try to sway others into staying by saying “well how do you know the lifeboat wont sink also” To me that is a really silly argument, a chance is better than no chance at all no?

its not bugged. its working as intended xD

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