How is your experiences on admin'd servers?

You think you find a good one and then something always happens. Either the admins play on the server and spawn items in for themselves/friends. Or just recently you get a admin who doesn’t play on the server but is hands on with reports but lets someone mesh on the server and doesn’t do anything because the mesher said they were only doing it so no one else can. The admin let it go because the mesher didn’t have a base under the mesh? I don’t get it.

What are some stories you exiles got, even if it is a good experience that you had.

My suggestion is to check out some Twitch channels to find an admined server. This way you can see the play style and admin responses. I have had multiple positive experiences with this approach.

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My experience with private servers is here today, not listed tomorrow.
Or mods stacked like legos so you spend more time waiting on updates, and then admin to fix things, then actually playing.

Note that the people are always good people and I do get along with most everyone on those servers.

I’m not sure you want my experiences, because it seems you’re a PVP player, and I’m a PVE-C and PVE player. I’ll share them anyway, they might be of use to someone :wink:

I’ve tried several private servers, but I’ve only stayed for a while on two of them. The rest I tried, but didn’t like, because of the settings and/or the rules. For example, one server I tried had the sprinting cost set to 0, so you could literally sprint indefinitely. Another had a ridiculous harvest multiplier of 10x. These things kill the game for me, so I don’t play on those servers.

The two servers where I’ve actually played for some time were both positive experiences.

One was on a server where, if I’m remembering correctly, @Ramtex was the admin. It was a chill and friendly community. @Ramtex is insanely good at building, and he put those skills to good use, adding content to the server that everyone could have fun with.

Sadly, I realized after a while that I couldn’t continue playing there, because the server was in a different region and my ping was always 300 or more, which made the game unplayable for me. That was not the fault of the admin in any way. I knew the server was in Oceania, and I knew my ping would be high, but I had never tried playing with such a high ping before, so I didn’t know how bad the game would be :slight_smile:

The second was a server where I spent much longer, and the admin was @Larathiel. I had tons of fun on that server. Again, great community and a great admin. He was always willing to help and, with a game like Conan Exiles, a lot of help might be necessary to deal with problems like the purge not spawning correctly or bugging out :wink:

Eventually, Siptah early access started and I didn’t want to miss a single day of that, so I stopped playing on the private server. Again, no fault of the admin at all. It’s just that every time an update comes out, private servers have to deal with the mods not needing an update or not working correctly. That’s not something admins – or even modders – can solve.


Glad you had fun there, I always loved how everyone on the server would come together to help folks with purges. But yeah, keeping up with mods post-patch definitely required some patience for both players and admin alike. :wink:


On average I’d rate my experiences on private servers as poor. Some were better, some were worse. I only managed to land on a server with active, involved admins who actually put effort in once and that one was by far the best.

My favorite was one with insanely brutal settings and mods intended to increase difficulty. Never saw anyone make it past level 20 without rage quitting in several months there. Sadly it poofed one day with no warning like most of them tend to do. Though at that point it might as well have been my own private server.

  • 1: First one. Around 40 days after I joined, the server vanished without any explanation.
  • 2: Second one. Approximately 20 days later, the admin announced that they were shutting down the server due to personal issues.
  • 3: I looked for more popular servers and found one that had been running for months, boasting an “active community,” “present admins,” and so on. However, just 2 months after I joined, they switched the server from PvE to PvP and wiped out my entire base on the first day of the change.
  • 4: I joined a server owned by a content creator from my country. I spent 2 months in the desert, keeping my base up just to see if the server would last. Lucky me. During that time, the influencer posted a video stating that recent game changes had ruined PvP, causing him to stop producing Conan content and shut down the server.
  • 5: I decided to rent a private server for myself…

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