What do you think about admins that play on their own server?

Is this a redflag for you when you look into servers? You see that the admins play on their own server. They do pay a lot of dosh so not playing on it seems like a waste.

But what do you think of admins that like to PvP on their own server going around in full PvP kits killing their own servers players that are lets say farming etc. It is PVP so anything goes of course and no rule against it but when it’s an admin do you find it weird?

The admins are usually the ones paying for the server. Why would they pay for a server if they can’t play on it. The good servers are usually quite expensive as well.

If they are bad admins and abuse their admin rights, this would be discovered fairly quickly and the server will eventually die due to its bad reputation. Luckily most of the pvp servers are boosted.


Admins that don’t play on their own servers aren’t playing the game. The amount of work and effort it takes to manage a decently sized server precludes playing on other servers. In the rare case that there are admins that admin and not play, well… then they’re not exactly good for administrating since they don’t quite understand the game enough.

The idea of admins not playing on their own servers is a fantasy and not reality.


Where do I start?..
OK. One question, from all the teachers you had in your life, do they all deserve the title?
I cannot count the private pvp servers I participate the last years. I have seen so much admin abuse I cannot name it, but…
There is always a but.
Some of them were true heroes.
First of all they invest real money for others to have fun
Second they invest all their gaming time to make all the players happy
Third they get one good word and 100 complains
Fourth they spend hours and hours to populate their servers.
The tragic? All their efforts end in a small cycle, because players get bored and go.

I had admins that invited people in their servers just to have fun with them, yet, I meet glorious persons and I am really happy about it.

Not all the admins are the same. So I wish you will finally find a server with a really good admin and stay there, just to thank him-her, for all the efforts.
But we both know, the cycle is small, eventually you will leave :wink:


The admin on my server plays on the server. He only uses his admin account for building public spaces and setting up quests, or troubleshooting when necessary

He has a second account for actually playing. I’ve seen him build up his property over time and feel like he plays legitimately without taking advantage.

There is always a chance for abuse by admins, but there is also a pretty good chance of abuse from other players on public servers because they know they can get away with it for a long time.

I feel like I see far more people complaining about their neighbors walking them in or spamming mega structures than I do about private server admin abuse.

Of course I recognize that players who feel like they are suffering from admin abuse are likely to just leave and look for another server, as complaining on the forum is pointless in that case except to vent, while official players have a chance for recourse


I hear people cry admin abuse all the time and honestly, having played on many different privet servers this is such a rare occurrence I honestly don’t know where all of these stories come from. I think one person saw it happen once and now everyone claims it is rampant. If that was the case, no one would play on private servers. Yet those servers have the highest populations. I wonder why that is?


playing almighty god ?
starter pack?
make" buddy-buddy" whit admin?
decay timer?
to have peace?
after the community Rp is important

mumm there are so many raison , from wrost to best
I put them in order of growth

My dear @Oduda nobody is crying here, nobody. People play on private servers because they are easier (x you name it) , they feel secure because of admin existence, events, starter packs, nice rules, etc…
In a private pvp server, a 5 member clan, day 2 is ready to fight with legendaries and defend with tier 3 construction. This however doesn’t mean that admin abuse don’t exist in some servers, a lot private servers actually. From all the private servers I ever played I can count only the fingers of one hand that admins were fair and square. All the others were using cheats to win, God mode, ghost mode to learn others bases, flying etc… Most of admins had renamed Lagadaras to guard their bases or Arena champions :joy::joy::joy:.
Not all the admins are the same, not all the private servers are good, trust me on this one :wink:


See, this is the complete opposite of my experience to playing on private servers. I think I’ve only ever seen admin abuse one time and it wasn’t even that big of a deal. I just left for a different servers.


@Oduda , For me it’s simple, your server your rules. I cannot demand anything from a person that he pays so I can play :man_shrugging:. I don’t even ask for starting pack, it’s useless for me. I always join as a player and leave as a friend, always. I always thank them and congratulate them for their work, always. To some I volunteer to build for them. I made a lot of friends thanks to private pvp servers. Even my old pvp clan were admins in a server I joined and after they closed the server they invited me to their clan even if they knew that I don’t pvp :joy::joy::joy:. With 2 of them we speak almost every day, they are real friends after all this time even if I never see them. This game has given me so much and I am grateful. That’s my experience from private pvp servers, this is what I keep always :wink:


I don’t play on PvP servers and for a reason but the private PvE-C I’m on does have an abusive admin. Granted, it’s my server and I gave her the position…and she really doesn’t abuse anything she’s just really good at winning events. I just know she reads these forums and I wanted break her stones :stuck_out_tongue:


If you don’t want the temptation.

Strays no Admin

You can still do admin things by disabling the Mod, it requires a server restart to do, so if a player angered the Admin enough to restart the server, it probably wont be just a slap on the wrist.

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This, I’ve seen quite a few over step what they should be doing, defending friends over others(when said friends were dead wrong), free items yada yada. (rather large list honestly…)

there paying for it… so its hard to not be “that mad”

I’d say… 1 in 10 is super bad admin
5 in 10 is average admin, doesnt do enough, or does enough… you’ll be fine.
3 outta 10 is good admin, who is going thru trouble.
Last 1 in 10, is one going out of there way for you, and other players. And you wounder how they even get there real life stuff done. XD

I see more people throwing shade at Admin, then praising…
I’ve been Admin… always being accused of something, and that one time your sleeping or at work, and they need you… they wont forgive it. -_-’



9 times out of 10, its because someone broke a rule, got called on it, then threw a tantrum. These sorts of players will then take their toxicity and go to their friends as well as anyone who will listen and bad mouth the admins behind their backs, and try to get as many people against the perceived source of their ire.

They usually try to start their own communities and then try to poach players as well (something that is VERY heavily looked down upon in the private server community). And then they complain and whine when that fails for reasons they ‘don’t know why’.

Its damn funny though. You get these occasional players who join one of these 70/70 servers with communities with hundreds of players, and yet they’re the only one who can ‘see the problem’ the only ones who can ‘see the bad in the admins’ and all that. The narcissim that requires for someone to think they are better and more perceptive than 300-400 others. If less than 1% is having an issue, then the issue isn’t on the admin side. Just saying.

But you’re right this seems to happen quite a bit on some of the heaviest (70/70) server populations. If the admins were so bad, why are single servers continue to fill up and during primetime have people waiting to get on to play? Why do 7 out of 8 players forgo official to play on them instead? Like I said, the other 99% are doing just fine. Problem isn’t with the admins.


I made a big list, only “paying” for someone that has good financial position the amount is nothing. Some admins are real advertise for the game and my point of view is small, I play consoles, I cannot imagine the work admins do in pc with the mods possibilities. But as @Taemien said the player base is disrespectful. I remember a lot of times trollers entering in a server making everything upside down until they get banned and go to another server to do the same. I wish admins had the opportunity to report these players and after an amount of reports these players banned from the game. Some admins work for years in their server, except the money, they really work, they advertise the game with their work, they should at least had a better mechanism to stop these attitudes.
And again, to have a populated server is a pain. The trollers affect the population since good players are quiting.

So in the op question if it is fair for an admin to play in his server I answer only this, yes it is damn fair Allright.

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Some admins do not even have time to play much. They spend so much time doing admin work, chatting with new players, etc., that it eats up majority of their free time in the game.


Buy-in-large seen in a bad light. If you’re actively playing on the server then you have more than enough reason to admin abuse. People tend to stay away from servers with admins who play on the server.

Personally, I would not have an issue with it. They are paying for it, why should they not play on it? There are probably some amazing admins out there that take care of their servers very well, I just have never found one.
I have tried private servers in the past, but was frustrated by being ignored, rediculous building restrictions (8x8 only) and overwelming mods.

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Heh my servers would fit the overwhelming mods type, but I allow people to build (bigger than that 8x8 :stuck_out_tongue: ) I give a cap of 15k per server map (3 servers in cluster) Most of my mods are building mods for people like to build.


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