Describe what "admin abuse" looks like to you

I hear this a lot. “Admin abuse” on private servers. I must have gotten lucky, because I have not encountered anything like this before.

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Why would you?
I let people play as they like, when I get people on
Its PVE so no Gank Squads and its no frills every thing is stock except
I boosted up Harvest to 1.8 and player xp 1.5 and damage xp at 1.5.
You don’t hit LVL 60 in 5 minutes.

Admin abuse is a pretty broad range, it could be anything as simple as they destroy things you build because they don’t like what/where you built to harassing you any way they can to chase you off the server.

I’ve been blessed for the most part in the fact that I’ve been lucky not to have suffered admin abuse, but I did leave my favorite server because the admins were getting very weird with their rules. Before they wiped their server, they were annoyed that I had wheels of pains at key locations, and they didn’t like that I had a lot of thralls. They felt they needed to put an end to that, so they were making a habit of destroying every wheel of pain I made outside of my base.

Fast forward to the new combat update. I spoke to an admin about what happened before. They told me they wanted me to drag my thralls all the way to my base, which is what they claim to do. Depending on where your base is, that’s just not efficient. I explained my reasoning, and asked them if it would be ok to have one wheel outside my base. Once I’m done with it, or if I move it elsewhere, then I’ll destroy the previous one. Sounds fair, right?? Well, he agreed and gave me permission to have one wheel.

The other day they destroyed it.

It’s their server, their rules, but it’s things like that which can lead people to believe there’s admin abuse. Another guy left that server for the exact same reason.

It takes many forms. Anything from admins spawning in gear and materials for themselves and their clanmates to give them an edge, modifying the data tables to give them stats like 999 strength, and generally using the tools at their dispoosal to grant themselves godmode, to admins on RP servers who portray the rules of a nation and then wage war on all their players to subjugate them and basically use RP as an excuse for griefing.

Can also take the form of admins using their powers to ban players who they personally dislike, or who best them in pvp. Or you could log in one day to find yourself naked and level 1 on a barren plain where your T3 castle once stood because it was deleted and your character data wiped while you slept.


I can’t say I disagree with them nuking random wheels of pain as they clutter the landscape and, depending on your community, are the opposite of RP, even if you portray a slaver. However, if anything, they should have allowed a wheel in closer proximity to a thrall location (maybe not right outside the door) with the caveat that it would have to be enclosed in some sort of structure such as a slave pen. On my server they combat that by having a rule that if you are not a sanctioned slave trader, you cannot have a visible wheel of pain as you will face in-game repercussions. Gives people a chance to RP a scenario and depending on the outcome they will likely lose their wheel, but not 100% of the time, and not without ample warning in the form of the RP.

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That isn’t abuse that’s down right CHEATING.
And why play on the damn server, there are so many open servers with 1 or 2 players.
To be Honest I solo.
Thanks You for you replies.:smiley:

Well, it wasn’t an RP server, it was just a relaxed PVE server with some decent multipliers on it and indestructible buildings. I also understand if they don’t want wheels everywhere, it’s definitely an eyesore. It’s the fact that I was given permission to have one, only to have it destroyed, which is what made me leave.

I also only ever used one wheel per location, so it’s not like I had 2-10 wheels outside thrall cities or anything. Not counting my base and before the update, I had a wheel at the Den, Galleon, Sepermeru, and Sinner’s Refuge. After the update, I only had one near the Den, which I was given permission to have. I had decorated around it as well, so it’s not like it was just a wheel. I had decorations to help give it that slaver feel. lol

I was going to actually build a place very similar to what you described, almost like a stable where thralls are bought/sold. Even though I don’t play on RP servers, I do tend to take the role of a slaver. I give thralls away to any new players who need them, and even trade for resources I could use. I had this vision of building a shop with a wheel to break thralls, a little pen for them to run around in, and a place to do trades. I decided not to build it because I honestly felt like they’d just destroy it. With how they destroyed my wheel, I’m pretty certain I was right. It wouldn’t have been right next to the Den, either, it would be far enough away to be polite, but close enough to still be efficient.

It’s all good, though. I found a new server, and talked to the admin about how I like to play. So far she seems very cool about it. :slight_smile:

It would seem a lot of the admin abuse topics come from PVP servers. I can see how that could be an issue.

The unfortunate truth is that a lot of servers with these admins tend to start up because the admin wants to flex his epeen, either because he was jilted from a previous server and decided to make his own, or possibly some underlying insecurity causing him to have the need to subjugate others which in this game is usually synonymous with PVP. These servers almost always implode in short order and usually only get initial players because they list the date of the last wipe or the server start date in the desc. Players flock there thinking “fresh start, equal footing” but soon discover what they’re buying into and quickly depart.


Admin abuse, like others have said, seems to encompass anything a non-admin wants it to. In my particular experience, it’s a catch-all for anyone who wants to complain about what they perceive to be unfair.
Pro tip: just because you think it’s impossible or improbable for a person(s) to farm up <insert whatever you’re jealous of here>, it’s likely your laziness is informing your opinion.


When the admin’s character’s clan has a massive tier 3 base and hardened steel weapons when no one on the server is level 30 yet and then raids people, it’s safe to say it was admin abuse.


To me, “admin abuse” is whenever the admin out-steps their role as the arbiter of the server.

An admin should only be active on their server in order to ban unwanted players and clear their buildings. They should also help players recover from bugs or database problems. Anything more than that is “admin abuse” to me.

Personally I have very strict beliefs about what an admin should be doing in a PvP game. I don’t believe they should be doing events, or anything of the like. The game is fun enough on its own for PvP, and players create their own interesting dynamics. There’s no need for an admin to interfere in PvP. Doing so de-values the gameplay and the efforts that all players make within it.

If a PvP server is being run with a unique schtick, like if it’s heavy RP and needs some deeper interactions from the gods, then possibly an admin could play a larger role. But even then, they should be like a genie — giving something different from what was originally asked for, and at a severe sacrifice.


On our RP server one of the admins is the lore bad guy. He’s an evil sorcerer who flies around and what not. It’s part of the story and we are setting up to rebel against him. I think it’s a cool use of admin abuse. Lol

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I have a decent size clan and I massive t3 base. But then again when I created my server I was basically one of very few other on it for a month, I also had spring break and pretty much did nothing but play. I didn’t use my admin powers for anything, but people will think what they want to. It isn’t that hard when you lay down a solid base and and know what you are doing. But I don’t raid anyone.

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True, but you did that over the course of a month, not the first day after a wipe. There’s a big difference. In a month any player with good location and efficient work strategy could have quite the stronghold. Though I do commend you on not raiding your own players. Happens far more often than you might think, sadly.

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That makes it a job, and where is the fun in that? Admins want to play the game, too.

What matters is the level of trust and respect between an admin and their server community. If you cannot trust your admin or admin team to be on the level, then that server is probably not right for you. They won’t change, because it’s their server and their prerogative, so it’s up to you as a player to decide if you want to stay or go.

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This is why I largely only play with people I know.

Normally, when an admit says one thing and does the other, that can be perceived as abuse.

I am planning to have my own server and my rules would include not building giant monstrosities in key locations that block resources and/or pathways, or build over and monopolize entire areas. I’ve seen a**holes build in the middle of Shattered Springs on top of brimstone causing it to disappear. Um, no, build AROUND it, not ON it.

Definitely guilty of this one on my server.

…Then again I’m the only one on my server anyway. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I agree with Yulifus. Too many times admins advertise one thing on their server but then do another thing or just suddenly change rules so he/she can get their way. I was on a server like that before with my friends and this admin was clearly bias towards his friends. He would do sudden rules changes like you don’t drop gear on death but when his friends was being raid…you now drop gear on death. Such BS.