Admin Abuse: Red Nails RP server

Red Nails Admin Server Abuse.

I have been playing in the Red Nails server for almost a year now. But a relationship break down outside of the game resulted in me being banned from the discord server and the Conan server. So… Because my X is friends with the Admin, I lost all my hard work.
I didn’t do anything in game or in discord to deserve being banned.
But I’m not just concerned about myself.
How do I put a bad review letting people know that they could lose their hard work without having done anything wrong?

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Welcome to the Forum. I have unfortunately seen similar events happen no idea where to tell you to check. There have been talks of people setting up server ratings don’t know that it’s been done.

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Maybe it would just be best to walk away and not fuel the fires of an unsuccessful relationship. Letting a gaming relationship cause real life issues is (and vice versa), well…bad. There are plenty of other places to play, move on and find a good group of people to share your Conan adventures.


You already did your best to warn people about the server. There isn’t much more to do, or any other place to post it, I’m afraid.

I think @FastJohnny is right. You’ll be able to find a place to start over. :blush:

Yet I also think it’s good, that you called out the admins behavior. Not in the sense as to warn people particularly about that person, but to put other peoples expectations about privately owned servers into perspective.
I think, as human beings, many admins get passionately involved with server life and their ability to judge objectively is weakened by personal interests. Which is totally fine and normal, but sometimes leads to unfair situations like the one you had to experience. (I’m really sorry about that)

In my opinion it’s something to keep in mind before deciding to join a private server.


I have already found a place to start over. It just makes me feel bad for anyone who would enter that server, thinking they would be treated professionally, only to have them be petty and childish.
I really wish someone would have warned me before I wasted a year of my life there just for it to be gone over an out of game issue.

Thank you for replying. Best wishes and happy gaming.


This is why I only play on officials

Drama on an RP server? You HAVE to be kidding me?!


There’s been discussion several times of putting together some sort of place/group/forum/etc., to have ratings given, either through players or admins but nothing I’ve encountered has ever come of it.