Admin abuse and threats as well as looking up personal info

The admin icey for no mans land , is spawning stuff in for his friends on live discord, sure whatever, I call him out next thing i know he is threating me calling me racist slurrs and i have proof, and looking up my social media , will funcom step in and do somthing with proof? this is very out of hand and i feel unsafe .

Is it in an official server or unofficial? If it is an official server you can contact funcom via zendesk and file a report.

its a non official but terms and conditions still apply

If it’s an unofficial server I do not believe funcom can do anything about it since it’s not one of their servers. Only thing I could tell you to try would be filing a report with the server rental company but that’s a bit iffy

The only thing you can do now is simply go find another server.
For better or worse, you’ve marked yourself with that admin and for all practical purposes, you’re not welcome there anymore.
Mark my words. You’ll be banned from that server sooner than you realize.

It’s a well known server for the admin abusing for his friends. Everyone that has exposed him has been banned out right so the evidence doesn’t really stay long enough for others to see. Unfortunately there’s nothing you can really do about it other than leave the server and find another one. Took about 5 minutes after joining for me to realize that.

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It is not right of anyone to be doing either of those things. Insulting you or threatening you.

On the same note, it is not your server. Don’t like the way it’s run? Leave.

The forum rules forbid calling outs here.
There is no rule in the game for private servers doing stuff for friends or abusing players.
If there is harassment on discord, Discord is where it must be reported.

All in All, as far as Funcom is concerned, this is all about finding another server that you think is more just.

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