Convinced a friend to buy conan heres what happened

He logged onto server 1018 as a new starter and couldn’t even get to water, said the game is a pile of poop and left. SOMEONE had blocked the whole river. You really, really, really need to admin ur products.

I’m guessing with building fixes etc you can maybe consolidate ur servers and get admins. But at the moment new players are going to have trouble or get put off!!

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Blocking of entire territory’s can and has resulted in people being banned. You can report the server and Funcom will go from there. As it is the weekend, the soonest you will see a response is Monday.

It is impossible to police every official server 24 hours a day, this is not an MMO. The staffing requirements for that would be insane, as has been discussed here more times then I can count.


thanks multi server about to be reported

show me one example pleas ? i never see one ban for blocking a obelisk


For what it is worth:

  1. Use a repair hammer to identify the UserID/Clan that placed the build-pieces;
  2. Report via the FunCom channels, making sure you state which Obelisk, when, which Server, and the userID and Clan ID if it’s there.
    All of this helps. There are a lot of official servers and not a million Admins to go about.
    Also, sometimes the Official servers (for some regions) are a mess of exploiters and griefers. To judge all servers based on one or two servers is like eating one grape that’s sour and throwing the whole bunch away.
    I would personally recommend your mate either practice-play Solo for a while and then join a server. You convinced your friend to buy a game. That implies you already play/have it? If so, why do you not help your friend, make a clan of your own, find a nice server (possibly private) and enjoy the game?
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I think Funcom needs to take this more serious, I cant even tell how many eople have left this game because of a few griefers. My server struggled for months against a 2 man clan that main purpose was to ruin the server, period.

It took months until they finally got banned, but not before a couple dozen people left. Im pretty sure some left to other servers or decided to play single player, but Im also sure some folks never returned to the game and left angry negative reviews.

We need a way to report illegal or griefing buildings in game, we are not asking for 24h monitoring, we wouldnt need that if there was an efficient way to report and Funcom acted faster. People could point out exactly where the problem is and Funcom could go directly to the issue, even if it took days or weeks its alright as long the person is identified and removed before even more damage is done to the community.


I’m not sure if this is by design or not, but it just seems to me that CE is literally a survival experience in it’s rawest form.

You survive other people more than you do the environment.

I suppose in a way, humans are the most advanced purge ever, and therein lies the… … Gameplay?

There is money to be had from people who hate other people. It’s what the whole PvP model is built on.

CE is definitely a griefers paradise.

But it can also leave opportunity for much good. You can take it upon yourself to secure all obilisks, build public maprooms, public bridges and thoughtful infrastructure (without claiming the whole map in the process)

You can pre-claim popular “bunker holes”, because those are normally a$$hole magnets.

In a way, you are defending your map against an advanced form of purge.


Theres alot more than just griefers that push people away from the game, main reasons my clan mates bailed is because the servers are trash 30/40 the servers start to Fry, for some reason over the last few updates the game has had alot of stuttering an crashes which never use to have that problem, Bugs & glitches been in game since EA so slow to improve or balance the game.

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They have actually done a LOT to improve and balance the game. And the next update will vastly improve player structure loading which will hopefully reduce teh lag / stuttering.

I have no issues with people building walls, blocking Obelisks or any other nasty thing on a PvP server and I hope FunCom leaves those servers alone, but they need a solution for the PvE servers.

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Halcyon that is actually spot on in my mind: Advanced Purge (with Teeth).

It is a mechanic I wish was incorporated: being able to build and set places as Public Spaces that can be interacted and traded with - kinda like a town-creator. Of course that would be exploited all to hell so forget it as a particularly expensive pipe-dream… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But definitely an advanced form of purge.

tell your Friend and yourself to find a private server community that you think will benefit your playstyle and i bet the admin that you find will do more justice then harm.

That is one interesting point of view.
Some clans might even call themselves “server purge” lol.
No really, I mean it! I saw that once.
They had been rumored to have been hired by a griefer clan (who always hunted down newbies and stuff) and first, blocked all obelisks utilizing tens of vaults at all of them plus of course black ice foundations everywhere and to insure their own safety, another tens of vaults surrounding their base.
They had a really good setup though. They always ran to the alphas base with only a few bombs and nude otherwise and let themselves die to go with new bombs. The alpha was too slow to react in any way on that.
First strike was a double set while alpha was offline though.
Nasty but brilliant moves.
Not even resorting to glitches and bugs. All fair gameplay.

Depends. On our journey of finding a private server, four of us moved through 4 servers. One coming with the worst performance I ever saw (20 sec lag whenever someone logs in), another server having been opened recently and having 90% of their players be admins and teleport themselves to the base of one. Then another one which looked good in the beginning but… Still possible to save that one though.
However, currently I seem to be on a good and healthy server.

Hi North,

Yes I already have the game, I’m actually an admin on another server. My friend didn’t want to join said server because he would probably begin to ask me for stuff like materials etc. (I wouldn’t have given it anyway!) but maybe he thought that would put a strain on our friendship.

So anyway me and another friend went on 1018, died a couple of times before we managed to get to the water cause of the black-iced fence wall and found that the whole server is blocked off. Troll has walked bosses onto peoples bases and killed thralls so now every boss is walled in by the small community of people on there. Passageways are blocked, it’s really hard getting to places.

Anyway I talked to a few peeps in the game and apparently the troll has been reported by established players on the server and every new starter visiting the server. They have no faith in funcom whatsoever!!!

At lot of the players on 1018 have been there since it was setup and refuse to give in to the troll. So it’s a sad situation really.

So I doubt anything will actually be done about the troll.

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Not when you can’t get started straight off the bat or are a new inexperienced player, we get loads on new peeps coming on our PVE private server from official that hate the experience (griefers etc).

for some reason funcom approach is fix bugs and not ban players. Its driving me bonker which is why i went ahead and ditchd official server… as private server has the ability to Ban trolls out. Its glorious when that happen. I wished that funcom had a jail system so that we could aggreed on a troll and trap them in a room forever spawning into that room with no way to kill self or create new character… The best punishment for troll is not a ban but rather give access but deny access to play and watch other play around them.

With Pippi mod you can freeze players.

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I also can only advise to look for a private server - either find an existing one or gather up with players and friends who share the same interests in this game and start your own one.
I did so too after very bad experience with public servers. Now I am more than happy with this decision.
We have an active admin and elect a special game master for every 1 or 2 weeks, who calls for special events and purge like tasks for us players. Also roleplaying aspects, treasure hunting, trading and PvP – they all work perfectly - all due to an active admin and our game masters.
These are things public servers do not provide. And unlike to many other players we do not accuse Funcom for its passivity - we understand that they cannot look for the official servers and accept it: we hope they will keep on providing new mechanics etc for the game. That is their job. The rest, the game play itself, will be mastered by us. And it works very well.
So if you are discontent with public servers, move on to private ones and find a new experience of the game! Be sure it will be worth the trial! There is no griefing and - if though- it will get solved very soon by the admin!
And of course - many mods (only available on private servers) also do a good job to add special game experience and special moments and possibilities etc.
You see many things are only possible if you join a private server - and the most important thing is the admin actively keeps an eye on the server and its rules! So griefing is no problem!



If your friend left because he despises griefing then he shouldn’t be on official. Official is the no holds barred area of play. Its for cheaters, hacks, bigots, griefers, racists, and all the other undesirable players to just ■■■■ each other for giggles and such. Not decent normal players.

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private server FTW :smiley:
and yes mods!

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