Official server #1100 PvP - you have to pay a clan to play the game

I jus start on this server, so to play you have to rent space to this clan and pay them weekly with brimstone, etc … Else they wipe your base.

Funcom, is it this your game? Some sort of mafia system? See full chat on your server log and please take actions now.

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That’s PvP for you. Doesn’t seem like your thing. I suggest you find a new server.


Unfortunately Tuffman is right. This is part of survival games, wether one likes it or not.
They are dancing on a slim line.
If they use duping, exploits and whatever else, it turns bad. If not, they are completely okay doing this.

However, claiming this is 10 minutes of farming just isnt correct. Like 20 minutes at least for finding enough hyenas…

I would actually go and hide my base and play wether they like it or not. If you stumble across anyone near your base, dont go into your base. Go somewhere else. Everyone could be a spy.


Go raid them and fight them.

yeah, go be a pest. get some grease bombs, set them off with fire bombs, then lob some gas bombs into the fire. your goal is just to make their bases a mess and a pita to repair, not to actually break in, though a few holes would get their attention. Move your main action to a different server, but go back to 1100 to keep them busy with repair hammers.

it takes zero effort to repair things but a lot more effort to damage them, seems like a waste of time.

Gear up and attack them, rally the server to fight back, recruit a PVP-hungry clan from another server… there are options. See also: finding a new server where that isn’t tolerated, trying a private server, etc.

This is a game that allows for tremendous freedom. It is both a blessing and a curse. There are many creative solutions to your problem but running to Funcom for help should not be one of them. I’m sure the developer would love to help you enjoy the game more but not at the sacrifice of the freedom that helps make Conan barbaric and interesting.

Come to 1540.

Interesting. Nice target for a raid invasion. Gonna ask my mates…

Who is the clan in charge ?

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If you do this, please update us with your progress!!

As others said, this is PVP. Hell I did this in Funcom’s other game, Age of Conan. Used to setup on a main road and charge a toll to cross. Made for some really good fights.

PVP isn’t some consensual thing. Its nasty, its dirty, and doesn’t happen on equal or fair terms. Hell even on the private servers where things are more restricted, and even among those, the RP servers, the most restricted even ENCOURAGE this sort of thing.

Not only is this PVP but it is player to player interaction. @pcnlux did you expect to simply setup in a corner and hope to never be bothered? If that is the case, I recommend PVE or another game entirely. In PVP you don’t get to choose when you fight or get harassed. You consent to this sort of thing simply by logging in.

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Just redo.

It is better for you. But at least you published the server name and everything. Other players can now avoid.

They may not be willing to name names, and I think that’s fairly prudent. This server looks like it’s in the Frankfurt area, Germany. I can get barely a 170 ping if I scuff my socks on the carpet and try to connect. :wink: A good friend told me on 1100 the extorting clan is usually the one with the most members on at any given time. Good luck!

youre on a (()===@ server come to 1516 more fun

you ever seen someone pay attention to a warning sign until they got their knees brokens?

I second this.

pcnlux, just revel in the fact that those kids will be the first to whine and cry that “the game is dying” because no one is left on their server, and they’re simply too stupid to figure out they are the reason.

There are a lot of great people playing CE. No need to waste your time hanging out with half wits.

My advice is to create characters on 5-6 servers, play a little on each, and get a feel for what each community is like. Then you can choose.

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Doubtful. I helped killed an Archeage server through PVP, when opposition dried up and the game wasn’t playable we called victory and moved on to other games/servers.

I don’t complain about achieving a win condition.

I play Conan Exiles in a bit more of a relaxed playstyle, but I’m not going to Ad Hominem people who enjoy PVP. Sorry but offering a method to avoid base destruction is good PVP. They could do as the game mechanics allow for and just dominate by destroying everything that crops up. But they don’t.

Sounds like to me they want people to be a threat so they can have a good fight eventually, but are weeding out players who can’t hope to compete. That’s not being a bad sport. That’s quite the opposite.

PVP is meant to tax the entire capabilities of the player involved. This isn’t limited to gear and personal skill, but also ability in leadership and coordination. For example, lets say you are god’s gift to Conan Exiles, you can outmatch anyone in PVP 1v1. Instead dealing with you directly, I hammer you with 5 people. You might think you’re still the better player. You would be correct to assume you’re the better skilled player. But you lost. Because you didn’t have the ability to call in backup.

Its a thing I call the Three Aspects of Competitive Online Gaming.

First Aspect is What you Know.
Second Aspect is What you Have.
Third Aspect is Who you Know.

First Aspect is your personal skill and experience with the game. Player Skill is what it is typically called. Its how good and knowledgeable about the game you are.

Second Aspect is your gear, levels, equipment, and base in Conan Exiles (differs from game to game).

Third Aspect is your ability to lead others, coordinate with others, how well you work with others, and generally your likability, charisma, and ability to conform into a group.

Three newbies in crap gear fighting a level 60 geared and experienced player will likely die. While they outnumber their opponent 3 to 1 and heavily lean on Aspect 3, they lack Aspects 1 and 2. They’ll lose.

Just in my example above, if you lean heavily on aspect 1 and 2, but lack 3, you will lose even if the group is slightly behind in 1 and 2.

The Aspects exist to show you where you need work on. Obviously solo players are at a severe disadvantage out the gate. And it makes no sense to personally attack those who have all three aspects in greater levels then you do.

It makes no sense to call people halfwits or kids or whatever for simply playing the game as it was designed. This game takes heavy inspiration from REH’s works, the movies, some of the comics, and even the cartoon (yay star metal). Watch the opening scene from the first Conan Movie in the 80s. Tell me that sort of raid is not intended by the developers.

Or that extorting players for protection isn’t intended? Hell like I said, that sort of play is ENCOURAGED on the Role-play servers. And roleplayers tend to have the lightest stomachs for most PVP play. If you cannot stomach PVP that even RPers enjoy. You might want to stick to PVE.


I love this. Great explanation and awesome post, kudos!

Conan Exiles is what you make of it and that means there are a lot of creative solutions to unexpected problems. And when you’ve exhausted all of them but still cannot persevere, there’s PVE (or trying another server).

Your reference to the Conan movie is on the money and suggests that the proper response to getting raided like that is to rise up, grow strong, push the wheel of pain and eventually behead your enemy.

Give them nothing to wipe, play Guerrilla Tactics against them. Little stash spots up on cliffs with enough foundations laid so your chests don’t despawn. Have stash spots all over the map, they won’t get them all and if you lose one, build another 2 stash spots. Log off up on remote cliffs. Build your crafting stations and drop them when you need them then pick them up and stash them when you don’t, same with crafting thralls. I reffer to this as a base in a box.

Don’t let them spoil your fun, instead, spoil their fun with hit and run tactics using trebs, explosives, thralls and pets. Make them spend time fixing and killing. Sooner or later you will luck out and get a mother lode from them.

Build dozens of empty 3x3 T1 shacks all over the map, forcing them to spend time blasting into them only to find nothing.

One weekend I spent training Rhino, then monday morning I surrounded a base with around 90 Rhinos. Took the clan all night to deal with them, I even got some kills on them.

Guerrilla tactics in Conan are very fun and satisfying. If you think you have to pay tribute to some clan, you are giving up without a fight.


Absolutely agreed. I don’t enjoy this kind of player interaction - I play games as relaxation not as a sport - and the natural consequence of that is that I play on a PvE server.