Official Server #1062



a couple of days ago, the official pvp server #1062 crashed a couple of times. after that the server was down for a couple of hours and came back online running on a new IP adress.

Old IP:
New IP:

Since the server is running on the new IP adress, all the server options are incorrect. They are all on vanilla with harvesting on 1x instead of 2x etc.

Since the release of the game, we got used to the new rates. I would like to see someone from Funcom who can come and fix this small problem.
Thanks a lot.

I just compared the serveroptions with a other PvP official server. The server 1062 dosen’t even have any raid times. The server got options like on the first day of conan…

we just had a server restart and everything is back to normal now, thanksa lot


Good to hear! We just restarted them and fixed the settings. Thanks for confirming. :slight_smile:

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