Official server #1064 PvP - Old version

WTF all new EU servers are out of date and what now ??? Why you dont restart all at once ???

Yepp, i’ve got the same problem.
My friends have been playing non-stop for a while. So they havent gotten the latest update. Since they havent closed the game. So they are playing right now.
But i started my PC after 1PM and got the update, so now i cant play on that server with my friends (and lots of other servers are also invalid version for me).

So the question im asking is, when do you update the servers to the latest update? Personally i feel its really weird you’re releasing a new client update and not pushing it to the servers AT THE SAME TIME.

bet its a lot of angry players out there now that cant join the servers…

Any one can help US ???

Come on… Why no’t restart server… 7 players normal game and ruining all -.- Fancom come on restart 1064!!!

Yep free PvB for the now thx FUNCOME ROLL IT BACK AND FIX

Same problem here :confused:

yeap, same here, do something!

FunCom Restart…

YEEEEEEE they raid us and we can’t join becouse some one is blind in his job and dont se or 100+ raports about our server.

ALL plss use this to raport them what we think about thier work


Server fixed can close Post

Thanks for the link. didnt know that it existed. will surely use it next time (oh yeah it will be a next time).

1058 is not updated too

Hi there,

I can confirm that this server has been updated to the latest version. I am very sorry for the late response. Please let us know if this happens again. I am closing this thread for now.

@Kromsh I can also confirm that 1058 is updated as well.