Help, there is a toxic player blocking the resources in server 1975

There is a player blocking the silver spots and others resources. In this moment he is the only one that can mine silver, and he is offering it for sale.

Some one of the staff can do something about that?


There is others players doing that too. Do you can, please, do something?

Hi there,

Unfortunately, we are unable to moderate any server in any way. Funcom Customer Support will unfortunately be unable to assist with this issue. I am very sorry for the problem that has occurred and the frustration that has been caused.

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So, there is someone that can help me in another chanel? Some ingame suport? Development team? customer service?

There aren’t game support?

Unfortunately, no. Funcom in general does not have the ability to moderate in-game issues in Conan Exiles.

Ok, if Funcom does not have, who does?

Official servers don’t have any in-game moderation or support at this time. You may want to try a private server with active moderators. Feel free to check out the #conan-exiles:dedicated-servers topic to see some of the private servers that are available.

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Are you serious Marshmellow? Serious they sell the game to everyone but can’t even bother to hire people to help with these issues? and they don’t even fix the issues with the game either… Sounds like poor planning to me. Maybe you should tell your higher ups to get some in game support instead of working on the next expansion, FIX WHATS WRONG first before going on to the next game or the next expansion, Do they really think people are going to buy any more stuff from them when THEY CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO HELP THE PLAYERS PLAYING NOW!!!
Sending players off to private servers isn’t the answer either!!!

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Omg. Really? I know that moderating every official server would be hard work, but in a PvE game where “theoretically” no player (or clan) could disrupt or harm people, that type of abuse will be epidemic. As soon as the game starts, there will be several griefers “competing” with each other to monopolize access to sites, resources and so forth as quickly as possible. There will always be griefers; without any kind of surveillance, even “friendly” or “peaceful” servers will suffer at the hands of dishonest players.


And people play on official servers to be able to interact with other players in an “official” multiplayer environment… without being restricted to a “private” server. The solution - at least in part - is to limit or prohibit the construction of any structures at “important” or specific locations on the map from the beginning of the game PvE, especially if there is a real possibility of blocking an area with good resources available.


Funcom has said this all along they will not be moderating servers. Sadly this is what happens in this type of game and is a good reason why playing pve is not a good idea

At least play on conflict so you can counter this kind of behavior but otherwise that’s it.

As for buying the game yes you paid for the game and have countless servers available to you as well as the ability to even host private ones. You picked a bad server with a crappy human on it so as a purchaser of the game you have the option to go to another server.

This is not Funcoms problem they have been very open about not having server moderation

Lol, I disagree. I play in PvE because I have no interest in seeing my house being destroyed and looted overnight by other players. Also, I prefer to die as a result of a hostile environment than being attacked by other opportunist players. “Free for all.” Its just chaos and yes, there is more adrenaline, tension and action, but I already have “enough work” just to survive and “explore” the environment. I want to build my structures with ease. True, griefers can live without “penalties” on such servers (which is a shame), but I still have peace to live in “home” and collect the vast majority of resources with freedom. In short: each person likes to play in a certain style, but I love playing in cooperative mode or, at least, in a “neutral” way to others. Fact.

As for attributing responsibility to “bad luck” by playing on a server where there are griefers, this is stupid and adds nothing to the problem. This is the kind of justification that simply “motivates” this kind of toxic attitude. Okay, Funcom may not want or be able to take responsibility for how the official server works “in-game,” but that remains disappointing and will continue to hurt innocent players like Ezaack and so many others who have written on similar posts. I have not yet encountered griefers on my own server, but I find it reasonable to punish anyone who is playing dishonestly on a “neutral” server. Nothing will be done? Okay, but that does not rule out a problem that will multiply. And the solution is to simply look for a new server? And the time and resources invested in the “old server”? This is a bad joke.

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I have seen a bunch of griefers and that’s just how this genre of game works no matter what if you have a server open to all people you will have horrible people who only have the goal to ruin a game for others. Sadly this is a big part of why PVP exists to allow a group of players to team up and destroy the griefer. I agree with playing on pve for environment fighting but in a building game if you want to do that play on a private / dedicated server because you will run into these people.

Funcom have been open and said for a long time they will not be moderating servers so that is their decision to make and it makes these threads absolutely pointless. Really why are people making them when Funcom have been very clear about how they are handling it is. They are not doing anything about it.

So there are other options to explore as I had said but as for crying on a forum you will not solve anything this way sadly.

This sort of thing happening is exactly what makes this game interesting. I applaud funcom not moderating the servers

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Again I disagree. I already played Minecraft on certain “open” servers and the activity griefing was punished with the impossibility of entering the server “x” for a few days or even banning if the infraction persisted. Naturally, it was necessary to “prove” that the denunciation was just and correct, but that was not very difficult. In fact, it was common to have “moderators” listening and investigating their complaints online… within the game. And what is the reason? Prevent chaos / abuse and abide by server rules. In case, you could even murder other players, but the constructions were “unbreakable.” And you’re wrong: the PvP genre exists to satisfy the public’s preference for a competitive mode… where it is possible to kill or loot other players. If you like that, fine. But in a PvE game the dynamics are quite different. The player should not be harmed gratuitously on a server where the “environment” should not be “monopolized” or “restricted” by griefers. That simple.

It’s ok. Funcom clearly does not want to or can not get involved with this kind of problem on “neutral” servers. But does that rule out the problem? Suggest that they look for a server where there are no griefers even works, as it may be that in the “future” this practice occurs during the gameplay… just when you have spent several hours to evolve and build your base. Not to mention that this type of advice only “rewards” who is acting in bad faith. Innocent players are doubly hampered by this “logic” and in practice a PvE server composed of griefers will continue to hurt others who inadvertently enter the same server for fun.

It is important to complain about these things in the forum because at least other players are warned of this practice even if they have not experienced it in their own skin. Okay, officially Funcom will not meddle in the problem, but it exists and will only be perpetuated. Either way, people are complaining about it rightly and fairly even if nothing is done in practice to prevent it.

Oh, and august: I do not know what your “interesting” concept is, but this is simply not fair on a server where constructs are “invincible” and players can not be attacked by others. Your argument does not make sense, except in case you are a griefer. In that case, yes… this is very “interesting” to you.

I believe it is important that Funcom create an “update” for PvE servers to prevent / prohibit via programming that important areas can not receive constructions. Just as you can not build on areas that already have “owner”, this at least minimizes the problem.

They’ve said they’re working on that. Actually it was @Mashmellow who said it, so I don’t know why they didn’t mention it in this thread as well.

It may have been mentioned in other threads as well; I don’t recall.

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@ExNihiloish That was my bad. I don’t have any information regarding what will be done to the land claim system or building to help combat problems like this, but the devs are looking into what can be implemented in the future.

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It’s still good to know that they’re at least putting some effort into it! Thanks for the response.

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Why don’t you guys let us transfer our characters to other servers maybe once a week Since you guys won’t provide us any ingame support that would alleviate a lot of issues people are having and quite frankly nobody wants to start over leveling but rebuilding is a different story.

Why not just make it so rare resources spawn in random areas around the map… problem solved.