Tell Me Something Honest About 3732

Is it really, truly, absolutely so difficult for someone, for ANY employee of Funcom, to hop onto a server? Does it take so much time and money, after being told for a month, maybe longer about the big problem in server 3732 on ps4, after receiving so much proof of what’s going on, to get on the server and DO SOMETHING!? I am not the only player on this server, I am not the only person to report this, I am not someone to ignore. I am the consumer, the gamer, the guy that paid money for this game and not to be blocked off from parts of the game. As is everyone else who plays Conan Exiles. What makes it worse is not only are areas of the map being blocked off, there are people being SEXUALLY HARRASSED by the people blocking everything. So I ask again, is it so hard for a single employee, to go into a server for 30 minutes, to get rid of all this walls and ban these people who want to watch the world burn, is it really that hard? Funcom, don’t you DARE tell me to report this, I ALREADY HAVE, don’t you DARE tell me a link to go to, IT CLEARLY DOESN’T WORK, and don’t you DARE say anything at all on this post or forum or whatever if it’s not the words, “we’ll do something about it RIGHT NOW”, not “as soon as we can”, RIGHT NOW!

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Since you posted in players helping players instead of the already existing thread in general discussion, here is the official answer you’ve got:

In addtion, if the harassment is done outside of the game via PS msgs, it can be reported to Sony directly. If it goes beyond that, you can contact the local authorities.

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That answer was for smores not smuglion plus this is the same answer they said not to give bc everyone on this server has sent countless tickets to zendesk and are sick of seeing that lame answer. It was uncalled for you to answer them this way. Not cool at all

They asked for player’s help considering the section they posted in. This is the best advice they will get from us players irrespective of whether they like or not my answer.

@Narelle Is a player who is very knowledgeable about the forum and helps who she can . Not a admin. Let’s try and be nice to people trying to help. I understand you are p. O. This p.o. me to

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