Admins? Mods? Please help!

Hello, My Husband and I both enjoy playing Conan I even rent my own server. We currently play on an offical server . Long story short we were hit by 3 different clans and pretty much wiped which is fine all part of the game. we built back up and have been hitting the clans who where targeting us. we recieved lots of hate mail thru psn or they would go in to in game chat and talk bad which is also fine again the game can be frustrating at times. However one player took it too far and began sending us death threats thru psn. I have screenshots but it wont let me attach them. We have never talked to him told him where we are but he mentioned Texas which is where my husband and I live. He also mentions the cartel and other physical bodily harm intended for my husband, myself and clan members. More than likely this is some kid talking crazy however, my husband is a correctional officer at an immigration prison who’s population includes cartel members. I myself am a stay at home wife and to be honest now scared to death something with happen to my husband. I understand trash talking is part of the game but I personally feel this is taking it way to far. He mentions our tattoos which again could be a coincidence but my husband and I both have tattoos. We have been in touch and reported to our local authorities but due to us not knowing who or where he is they were unable to do much. I have also reported to Sony directly. Please be in touch.

Sincerely a very concerned customer
P.S it won’t let you private message any of the admins of this page. As i am trying to handle this I need to be contacted or I will begin publically reaching out over social media as i have attempted to email, private message, and submit a help ticket. also it wont let me tag the community admins or privately message anyone

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IMO This is a matter for the police to handle, not for a games developer. I realize you have contacted them, but if it were me I’d try to push them again. While I don’t know the local jurisdiction where you live, death threats are a serious crime in most places, doubly so if leveled against someone who works in a “risky position” (that’s not the right term, but I’m sure you get my meaning) such as your husband seems to do.


I don’t mean to sound unsympathetic but I think you need to look at the privacy settings on your psn profiles to ensure you can protect your privacy properly from the random players you encounter via online games.

When I first set up a steam account specifically to play Conan Exiles I was completely appalled at the amount of information the basic set up wanted to know and then would allow a random browsing person who I did not know to see especially if it wasn’t some one I had invited as a friend but found my profile some other way (Eg click on friends who had my profile listed as a friend).
I had to go into a variety of menus and settings to ensure that none of that was available … not even to people I made friends with on Steam …

Really not sure if Funcom can help you at all but @Ignasi can you upgrade the OP account so they can send private messages to Community management team.


I Have tried and am still trying however no one is helping or listening they say its probably some stupid kid and you know they may be right about that but im not willing to risk my husband to test their theory so i was told to reach out to psn and the game developer so this is what im doing i just want someone to help me and take this as seriously as i am. i have screen shots of all messages

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I Agree and we dont have personal information on our accts we use prepaid cards and our accts are set to private but thanks

the police is one to help you here. funcom can’t protect your husband. what do you expect them to do? if the police is not willing to help you, then i guess you will have to hire a private bodyguard or sth.

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Hey @genna5490

Welcome to our community and sorry to hear about your online experience.
Since the messages happened through PSN we would recommend reporting this directly to Sony, as they’re the ones that can check on this directly and issue any profile bans they deem necessary. @Mikey’s advice would also be good to follow depending on the severity of those threats. Also, @Kwalya suggests an easy way to guarantee a smoother, more pleasant online experience.

We have no way of verifying messages sent through voice chat, but if the threats were sent on text chat via PSN as well, Sony could investigate that on their end.

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