Been getting harassed. How do I get in contact with a mod or admin?

How do I get in contact with a mod or admin to report a guy that has been harassing and griefing me and my friends as well as threatening me in conan as well as not in conan?

I do have one picture of the guy griefing me and he did it repeatedly. I tried to send a message and include a picture and described what happened but couldnt get through to a mod. I only managed to get one picture . *

Persist with reporting him to PS4. Get each individual who is being threatened to do the same so PS4 get a record of multiple individuals being threatened.

If you are playing on a privately run server then contact one of the server Admins to see if they will ban him from the server.

Unfortunately if you are playing on an official server then Funcom will not take any action as per their sticked post on such issues:

Would either of you be able to send a message to me so I can try to reply to it and state in detail more about what happened? That wont let me make private messages here for some reason. Otherwise I would have contacted mods already. *

Hi I’m not a moderator. I’m passing on information that Funcom has posted in these forums regarding harassment in case you hadn’t seen it. And what I’ve read from a variety of similar issues.

If your also been hit up outside of Conan Exiles, nab screen caps and send it off to Sony thru there report tool. There fairly good sometimes.

In greater detail, here is what happened.So I joined a PVE Realm and was minding my own business and adventuring with friends. Then we build some houses. A day or so later a guy began pretending to be nice to get a friend request and join our chat. Immediately after joining the group the guy is absurdly rude and insulting us, telling us it’s his Server and to build somewhere else. The guy lies and says I was building on top of resources and That the entire region if not the entire Server was his and to not come near there again. So I move to several different areas because those werent far away or good enough for him even though they werent even nearby at all. Then later I ask him why he wouldnt let me build there and he flips and goes insane, insulting me, spreading lies and defamation about me and bullies me into leaving the realm after adding me to friends list. The guy threatened me in conan as well as in team chat. Then says he would follow and find me no matter what I do and where I build and would wall in my bases. I blocked him which was the only option I had. The guy literally built foundation walls all around the entirearea as high as mountains so climbing away wasnt an option there to wall in me and my friends so we couldnt get to our houses. We said we would go to a different area so he removed them. Then I thought it was fine. My friends and I went about trying to find areas to build far away from that guy. I wrote to ask him why nobody could build there and he started being rude and insulting and harassing me again and said again he would follow and find me no matter what I do and where I build and would wall in my bases. The guy harassed me and my friends, then me alone after that for 2 or 3 days.I even took a picture of him walling in the entire region when he first began building there as proof. I deleted all of my bases and my character in that Server and left it. Conan was awesome aside from getting bullied around by that guy. I do not like getting bullied but there was no way to fight back or counter what that guy did. The guy also went around making defamatory comments about me and said I said stuff I never said. The guy literally bullied my friends and I into leaving that Server Realm On That. *

Here we have yet another new tread of some poor person being griefed. This is sadly a more than daily occurrence.

Personally I am ashamed of the gaming culture today, what happened to people helping one another out especially on mmorpg’s?

I actively try to help out on these forums as much as I can, and over a period of time I can summarise that the majority of disputes/griefing etc lies on official servers that for all intense purposes are not monitored. The blocking of Obelisk’s etc etc.

May I suggest you seek refuge on private servers? I can only assume that the people who spend their own money to rent servers like myself, have a love for the game and want fellow players to be able to enjoy it to.

I hope you find suitable sanctuary.


Character Name: NIMUE

Clan: Knights of Ni

Server: The Lady of the Lake

Platform: PS4

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My main was a private realm invite only. I made a character in a PVP place and a PVE place. I got bullied away from the PVE Realm. I captured an image of both the guy’s name, as well as an image of the guy that was harassing our group walling in the entire region just to block in our houses. I only managed to get 1 picture before the guy removed the walls before threatening to do it again but It shows the beginnings of him literally walling in an entire region. That area that he claimed was his has so much land we had literally built an entire village there with plenty more room and resources for everybody. The guy even lied saying we built on top of resources which we made extra care not to do. *

I also love helping people in MMORP . I mainly love to craft and build. In fact that’s what I was doing when that guy came from nowhere and began harassing our group but moreso me in particular. *

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I feel your pain, im glad that there are some fellow like minded players still left.

If your on PS4 feel free to pop in.

Ta ta for now

One guy in a PVP Realm said that people seem to be either nicer or more 50/50 in the PVP Realms more than the PVE Realms because they know that if they are too mean and do stuff like that to people then people will get together and attack them and their base, whereas there is no report option and so people doing that in the PVE Realms that do that dont get consequences for their actions. In fact one of the guilds I found in a PVP Realm said that’s why they went to PVP instead of PVE because of people like that guy. *

I wonder if I should say the guy’s name here . The name of the guy who was insulting, threatening, griefing, and harassing me like that. *

You and your friends were harassed on a private server invite only ? The guy who did that is the server admin ? Then why were you and your friends invited if you weren’t wanted by this guy ?

No. The harassment was in the PVE Realm. I thought I made that clear . I stated repeatedly it was on the PVE Realm. It was an Official Public Realm. *

The guy was just some guy that was a very rude bully in a public realm. We were minding our own business there for several days before that guy came and began doing what he did. *

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