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So actually there is no help at all if you’re beeing harassed by someone. Well, let me tell you all a little story: south america region have two servers wich are #3985 and #3995. Both are beeing under control of some clan aliance and you cannot play in them because them guys there will pursue you to death and this way you will never grow strongh enough to face them. The worst case is in #3995 server: there is 3 clans there: Silent Legion, THC and The Reapers wich have alied to prevent anyone else entering the server. They block resources, block trhall camps, control obelisks and passageways so you can’t go anywhere. They also keep searching for you and destroying you and your stuff everytime they found you. This way you cannot hope to become good enough to face them in same conditions. The leader of the THC even told me that he owns the server and only his friends are allowed to construct in his server.
Well guys, that’s what really happens in many Official server because Funcom don’t do anything to change that and all the help you can get is posting here to share your frustration with the community wich have, with all due respect, no power to help anything rather than discussing the matter.
So thank you Funcom, for nothing.


Hi, are you sure you have these numbers right? Because neither shows up in the list, #3985 is a Rank # and the server associated with it is a Private server :thinking:

Hello, thank you for your repply.
Yes, i am very sure of that:


This is PvP, you gotta get enough players together to fight them, if you cannot, well, that what about this game is “survive, build, dominate” . They are dominating, its part of the game.

Now, if they’re using glitchs or hacks to get advantage over other players, you have to get them using those on videos, with proof, maybe they can be banned.


Hi, well i did find out there are only 10 Official servers in Brazil, out of those ten 2 come close to matching - 1995 and 1985, and if im right, i would stay away from 1995, i noticed a 300 hr. difference in a certain players timed played, when i clicked the players name it showed offline, but they were clearly on the server playing


…and then in a month or two we’ll see these so-called Alpha clans whining in the forums about how no-one wants to play with them and how Funcom needs to fix it.


No. I am mad because the mechanics of the game allow some harassers to block resources, control obelisks, close passage ways and destroy anyone else that are new to the server and isn’t strongh enough to face them in the same conditions and also, will never reach that because they keep chasing, killing and stealing, harassing and preventing you from growing. If this way of action sounds fair to you ok. To me no. I’ve seen enough of strongh people massacrating weak ones in real life to have the same treatment in a game.


I take it, ok. I also accept that it’s part of the game to some point. What is wrong in my opinion is that three full growth clans made alliance between them so they’re all friends and only their friends are left alone. I have enough people to figth them and that would be enough if we had enough time to grow up strongh. What happens in truth is a very massacre when 20 guys full dressed in heavy Silent Legion armor with pretty legendary weapons arrives to our humble shack and massacrate us all who can barely prey with our shiny iron blades and our beautyfull rags. So, after our beds being destroyed and we’ve been sent back to the spawn poit in the desert, naked and half dead, we run to another very hiden place to re start over till they find us again and all the fun beggins in an infinite looping… Well, i don’t know about you but for me that sounds quite as survive and quite unfair. I would rather cross the ghost fence and die happy.


You may talking about PC servers aren’t you? Well, that is happening in PS4 too.

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Then destroy whatever is blocking resources, obelisks, and passageways. You’re on a PvP server…

There are plenty of ways to build bases that are hard to raid. I suggest doing some research.

Or change servers. Eventually no none will join those two servers and the clans will leave out of boredom.

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Thats rough man, I feel ya, thats why I think the tiers of weapons and amor values should be narrowed down even more, a guy with an iron sword equally skilled with another one in star metal sword should have a chance to kill him, but CE has this “MMO” formula to please grinders, so it ends on a race progression instead of actual fun gaming thro the levels.

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I don’t think the answer is messing with the weapons(I always want to grow my character, armor and damage). Skill can only take you so far against numbers. If your defending thralls were worth a damn this would be a better option. Second would be to join another clan on the server if possible or change servers. Sounds like you have nothing to loose! As Mikey put it when everyone leaves the server they’ll have to feed on each other or start up the whining wagon (happens in many games these days). They may run to other servers and repeat but hopefully not yours or maybe Funcom will fix the damn thralls so you can build up and tear them apart!

It should be dangerous attacking someones base, not an easy roll. Imagine thralls working and murdering these alphas as fast as they break your walls. They might think twice before seeing what’s behind curtain #1.

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Actually, thanks God, i found a server to play where i am becoming the alpha now. That’s a thing for now. Finally i can play and grow strongher to face any threat. Thank you all for replaying :slight_smile:

not having access to an obelisk does not stop you from growing or playing, its a fast travel short cut. IN PVP if you control the jump points you can control how fast players move around. its a tactical advantage. You don’t like the obelisk blocking, then blow it up and put your own stuff there.

Most servers don’t chase noobs down but you have to still play smart and hide. its PVP and solo on PVP is hard as it should be (that’s why I do it). There are many places where you can hide small base or some crafting tables. Build a few and hide chests under some foundations. there are a lot of tricks.
You are a PS4 player, I know a couple good private server you can join, PVP or PVE-C.

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Actually i know alot of good spots to hide and some good tricks as well. And you’re right: blocking obelisks are the lesser problem.
I’ll tell you a story that would clarify the matter;
Me and my buddies, whose was about 6 other players was playing on pve for a long time and some of those guys was starting to feel a bit bored so they decided to try their luck on pvp to know how would it work. So we went into a pvp server, started leveling up and hanging on for some time. Well, we’ve made a clan to ally all of us togheter and was only trying to play almost in the same way we was doing on pve, wich means we’ve made a base in a high and hardly acesdible place. We had no intention to harass anyone or raid any base, we was there just to have fun. Off course we knew that someone would kill us any time and we was growing to get ready but, sonce we didn’t attacked anyone, we tought it was kind of a signal to others that we wasn’t looking fir trouble. At some point, we met a guy tgat was the leader of the biggest clan in the server and we had a talk so i told him that we was there only to play peacefully as possible. He told me that it was ok and asked for help finding some bad guys so we could be allied with him in the future and we accepted to search for them guys.
Well, two days later when me and my people was barely reached level 30, that guy came with a big sack of bombs and razed our sandstone base to the ground. You would say, “ok, that’s pvp” but things went even worse: in the next and following days he and his mates followed us, killed us and razed anything we built faster than our capacity to build. As if that wasn’t enough, they went to the spawnpoint in the desert and killed us even before we had completely awaken.
Finally i sent them a message asking why they was doing that to us since we’ve done nothing against anyone in the server, and he told me that he was the owner of that server and i should leave the server because he wasn’t going to allow us there. And told me that my clan was way too big to stay in the server so we would leave the server or face them (8 level 60 full armoured and equiped guys) meaning they was going to keep kiling us forever and somehow they have guys playing at almost anytime.
Finally we did the only thing possible: we’ve deleted the clan and got out of there server.
That was indeed harassment but Funcom does not care about that so the only help i can have is by sharing this with you guys.
Eventually i’ve found a server and went into a good alliance and somehow, now i am the alpha in there. That’s really a relief when you’re not afraid of attacks and raids…


some people are just buttholes and take the dominate element a little too far and forget that this is a game. Lvl 60 players shouldn’t behave that way but that’s just my thought. I’m glad you guys found a new server, my offer stands though as I know a couple nice playing servers.

Can you pm me with your server name? It’s worth a try.

Conan clan wars…solo play you’re up sh*t’s creek…

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