How does one go about contacting 'hugo'?

Need help plz, just want to be able to play my game.

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Type in @Hugo what problems are you having any information you can give will help online offline official server location of incident that sort of thing. He should see this message now. Good Luck.


Welcome to the comunity, even if Hugo see this message, he needs more info about it.
1st console ps4, Xbox, pc?
2nd pvp, pve, pve c?
3rd Official, private or offline?
4th Region?
If your problems are harassment and you want to keep them private, respect.
If your problems are bugs, performance, miscellaneous, you are in the wrong section.
If your problems are, other players distroying your gaming experience, welcome to the club and please get on the line :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
Anyway, welcome to the comunity and please save some time for Hugo by giving this details that i ask you to give, every day he fights with time to keep us all happy. Thank you


Open the Dev Tracker and click on a name. You can direct message them from there (ie. @Hugo, @Ignasi, and so forth).

Thx, still trying to figure out how all this works, never had a issue before until now.

Hello Hugo,

I am having an issue on PlayStation Official pvp server #3585.

We have been fighting a clan for the past week and everytime we have went to raid them or fight them the server has crashed forcing us away, what we suspect to be Ddossed by the enemy clan though it seemed to run just fine when we where attacked. They have even made accusations and accused us of being responsible for the servers issues on Twitter and here on the forums. Last night the server went down for official reset and we are now unable to log back in with the exception of one of our members who is still able to play left to fight alone against a full clan, i have evidence of the enemy clan sending psn messages talking about how the leader of the opposing clan wanted our members “ip addresses”.

My conan exiles experience has been completely ruined, i feel as if my clan has been treated unfairly and would appreciate it if we could go over and discuss the matter. i love the game and would much like to be here to see it grow in the future please help.

Thank you.

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