I Need help contacting hugo

I’m not sure how to pm hugo but my clan and I are dealing with hackers on a official server. I have proof and would like to go over it with him. Can someone @ him on this topic please


Best wishes with your issue.


Thank you so much!

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It’s the weekend so, hold out for Monday. They have weekends off.


I understand we are just tired of this clan undermeshing and making the server unplayable. Thank you for taking the time to help us and hopefully hugo will help make this server fair again!

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I wouldn’t even waste you time in this game trying to contact the devs because I got a reply from @Hugo for proof yet after being given said proof and after 4 days of no responses from him my clan and many clans are quitting an official server because nothing was done about a clan undermeshing. Great customer support here! So moral of the story cheat to your hearts desire as you have free rein to do so. Goodluck to all out there that are still playing fair and in my opinion I would start cheating as you wont be able to compete unless you do so.


I understand your frustration.
Give them a bit of time to review the information. Sometimes solutions are not instantaneous.