I am being harassed

Good evening,

I can’t send a PM to community,

Me and my clan are harassed by a player who prevents us from playing, he kills us with poisoned arrows thrown through the windows of our houses, so we die and can not go out.

My clan and I are in a PVE CONFLIT official server 1035 and the name of this player is “********”.

Thank you for doing the right thing, in which case we would have to leave this game that becomes unplayable.

Thank you

In the PvE conflict servers players are expected to defend themselves from other players at certain times of the day.

I don’t think you’re being “harassed”. I think you’re being welcomed to the server.

If that’s not your thing either a PvE server for no fighting between players. Or a private server for your clan only so you can fight each other.


No ! he is really mean!

It starts again and again I can not play anymore!

He says I built next to him and blocked him!

It’s not about defending if I can even move!

For me it’s harassment to make me leave he told me he does it on purpose!

Well, you can start on PvE or other PvE-C.
Player can kill other players on PvE-Conflict and this is normal.
Conan Exiles is brutal survival game. Try to do your level up
in other location and then kill that bastard! :upside_down_face:
Good luck with that!


My suggestion to you would be to accept that this player is playing how PVEC is designed to be played but you can also counter. This person is not on 24/7 and nothing is stopping you from moving. Play a long game move to a different area (the islands in O,8 are remote) and prepare to launch an assault on them. Play the man and benefit from the mode. Bit like poker.


L2 gasmask

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You are on a PvE-Conflict server, with windows.

Get rid of your windows.

I empathize with you not wanting to be griefed, but you should not be dying that way after the first couple of times.

Build a few safe areas in your base, always log out in them. And if he is literally camping your windows to shoot you (and your low level)… just replace the windows with walls.

Also, don’t engage him, he’s gonna be enjoying your reactions so he will keep doing it.

Move your base.

Or move servers.

Some people are just mean, can’t be helped. But them ganking you because you are making yourself an easy target won’t get you sympathy here on the forums.

If he keeps coming back to do it again, it’s because he keeps being successful.

During PvE hours on a conflict server, you should stay INSIDE your base if you expect to keep all your equipment.

Otherwise, you should be in garbage armor with a crappy harvesting tool sprinting around looting rocks and wood till it’s “safe” to do the more important things.


Yea, what you described was a single-player killing a clan by shooting arrows through the windows of houses (more than one location?) Honestly, I get that it is frustrating, but if I was that one guy and that worked more than 1 time? I’d keep doing it just for the story and to see how long it kept working.

I’m more curious as to how this keeps working than ways to make him stop doing it.


Thank you for these responses,

But for me he prevents me from playing by killing me in my houses, not even I can go out to fight to try to defend myself, in addition he has big claws like the one that can appear as administrator, to know where he looted them …

Then get rid of whatever allows him to shoot inside. You did choose to play on a server type that allows player killing, so own that choice - or change it.

Probably these Bestial Claws - Official Conan Exiles Wiki which certainly don’t require admin privileges to spawn (if anything they’re too easy to get).


Hey there,

Welcome to the community first of all :wink:

Reporting players is against the rules on this forum. Please read the Conan Exiles Community Guidelines - please read


Wow, deadly administrator claws! I need this item! :rofl:

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Ugh. I get that you are upset but this post comes across as being very entitled. You chose to play on a server where players can kill you. He can’t even attack you at all times so it’s not like you can’t rectify the situation outside of pvp hours.

Your first mistake was choosing a server you could get attacked on. Your second mistake was building a base with windows. They serve no purpose other than aesthetics. And on the contrary, they allow people to steal from your chests and benches through the windows as well as attack you. Your third mistake was coming to the forums trying to get someone banned for playing how that server is meant to be played.

Either remove your windows, start a new base elsewhere or go to a new server.

You sound very new to the game. I doubt you would be sacrificing much by restarting new at this point.


This. 1000%. Windows is how they kill / loot you.

Frankly, I play PvP. When I see windows, my pulse starts racing. Whatever my mission, I drop everything, and see what I can exploit through the open windows.

Hell - I’ve built outside of a base with windows (a couple of foundation blocks) just so that I could elevate myself and line up the perfect arrow shot so that I could murder a sleeping toon.

Windows. They bad.


Hi I’m not familiar with pve-conflict server mechanic, but if you die :
1 - you could rez on the desert (he could not cover the 6 path right),
2 - make a little hidden safe spot to help recover you and your clan
3 - build safe zone in your conflicted house
4 - level up, and return the favor

What is your level ?

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Format C:?


Try shooting poison arrows back at him through your windows

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Move to a PVE server. I play PVE mostly bc I like to build… Only grief there is people trying to stop you from building with their buildings. When that happened to me I just moved locations and built faster and bigger and taller…

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