Question for PvP: is this harassment?

Hi there, i played for over a year on PvE and now for the first time i’m playing on PvP. I’m getting the hang of it, so this is my question:
A clan tonight entered in our base and stole some of our weapons and armors. We wrote to the clan chief that if they bring us back the items we will forget it and we will not start a war, otherwise we will attack them for taking back our items. They said that if we don’t leave them alone they will report me for harassment. So, is this harassment or i can attack them?
Thank you and sorry for my bad english.


It is a pvp server, stealing each others stuff is the whole purpose of this mode. I don’t see how it is harassment bombing someone and looting whatever you decide.


Attack! Dominate and conquor! War!!! Why else would you be on a PvP-server? Someone steps on your toes you chop off their head


A single message is not harassment; its communication.
Repeated spamming of messages, however, like a verbal temper tantrum, can be considered harassment.

Given that its a PvP server, leaving them alone is “not” an option. PvP = player vs. player. You have every right (and expectation) to attack their base, take back what was stolen from you, and even take their weapons and armor.

If I was in your situation, I’d say stealing your stuff was a declaration of war. You tried to be diplomatic, but they refused your overture. Now, its ‘game on!’


Don’t over think it. You messaged them (more than i would even do, i would have just raided them already :wink: ). But sending a basic message is not going to be harassment. Now, like it was said earlier in thread, threatening personally or real world wise, along with constant barraging of messages could be harassment. Just don;t message them anymore. And if they continue to message you, just ignore. It drives them crazy lol.


If you keep messaging them after they tell you to stop that would be harassment technically, but going and raiding their base on a “PVP” server is not. But just remember, they can do the same to you. Just refrain from messaging anyone in their clan and play the game like its intended. :+1:

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I asked Conan about this when I saw him in Sepermenu.
He laughed and said that you should, “Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women!”


Lol, is this how players PVPing now haha

No es acoso puede atacar sin problemas

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