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There are a couple of players on the official server I play on that are constantly harassing me in game kiting world bosses into my base and killing my thralls.

I’ve watched them doing it multiple times and yesterday I confronted them about it via Messenger. After continually messaging me even though I have them blocked in the game, the gf says shes an Xbox Ambassador and will get my account blocked, even though they are the ones that are harasssing me.

(The boyfriend is the main one kiting the mobs to my base and she doesnt believe it even though I was in game and watched him kite the rhino and the scorpion into my base multiple times, but she is complicit because she is also helping him with harass me via building)

So I get a comms ban and they can still message and harass me both on Live and in game even though I have reported them multiple times and today they continued to kite bosses and killed 15 more of my pets.

This all started because I asked them not to wall of the silvermine, which they ignored and said they dont care they will do what they want)

They are relatively new to the server and I have been on the server since it started. I wasnt rude to them initially and I have never blocked off resources.

Why is there no way to report players doing this on PVE servers? I get this is a survival game but it seems like the griefers are being rewarded in this situation as I got a comms ban and they continue to harass me via messenger, kite bosses into my base and kill my pets.


There is only 1 way to describe Funcom’s official server policies:


And it’s not gonna change. Funcom would sooner be GPortals free advertising, than invest in babysitting players.


Yes its a problem when player wall in importast stuff resourses and obelisks. spec if you cant leev the area.

They need to ad Heavy purges on keyareas whit no rewards to clear it.

But what you kan do is to build a protectiv wall around youre base so that cant drag a boss to you.


I had 3 players on different occasions bring world bosses to kill my thralls I’m on Xbox on pve official server the first time he succeeded killed about 11 thralls with the king scorpion so I changed the layout of my base with upgraded foundations and fences the next 2 attempts they failed so just change the layout to your base so they can’t bring in bosses and don’t message them cause by messaging them it will just encourage them to go it again when there bored just ignore them


Yes all server thawe ther trolls. Build a safe base, its a fun chalante to make it safe and lock good at the same time.


Smartest answer against trolls. They are basically attention wh0r3s (who did’t get the attention when they were babies) or spoiled brats who threw tanturnms when they were young to get their way. If they don’t get the attention, they will move on. It actually gets under their skin to think they aren’t getting under yours.


Send a notice to Xbox reporting what happen and what the “Ambassador” is doing and said. One cannot be an Ambassador on Xbox if they have complaints against them.


I wasnt crying I’m simply stating a fact that the game is rewarding harassing players. As I said this is a PVE server so there arent many ways to retaliate without actually effecting other players that arent involved. Unlike them and you, I actually try to be respectful of other players. Maybe if you werent such a selfish man baby you might understand that?

  1. I already have a wall around my base. I’m pretty much the oldest player on the server and have dealt with many trolls before and learned that lesson a long time ago.

  2. the pets they killed where regular ones that I use outside my base for purge defense. I can replace them easily, them dying isnt the issue its the principle.

  3. Its not that I dont know how to deal with them, the last two trolls I built huge walls around their bases and walled them in. But thats way too much work to do AGAIN. I’m basically playing roach killer sim not Conan and sinking to their level doing this.

  4. Due to the location of their base, if I resort to trolling back, I will effect other players that I am friendly with and dont want to punish them for these players’ actions.

  5. The main issue I have is that I got banned from Live for two days due to their trolling me and reporting me when they are the ones that harassed me. I have them blocked on Xbox but due to bugs in the system they can still message me anyway and constantly harass me.


PVE Server.


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