What do against "Boss Puller" and "Way Blocker" on Official PvE Servers?

Hi there,

Is there any way to Report or more important Ban (maybe temporary with a warning
) a Player who every day or even twice a day Pull a Boss into a Base to destroy ALL the Thralls there?

He also tried to Blocks some Ways to Important Thrall Spawn points by Build a Wall in front of my Wheel of Pain between Mountains and lock them by doors.
That i prevented by building a Free Accessible Way around his Blockade!

It seems just a angry Kiddy who try destroy all my Interest at the game…

Server: Official #1044
Blockade: Exiled Camp 24 (it’s allowed to block the whole Thrall Spawn there!?)
SteamID: 76561198814117457

It’s VERY annoying to breed every Day ~15 Pets and they’re destroyed next Day by a Kiddy on a PvE Server !

There MUST BE some methodes to prevent that, especially on PvE Servers!
This means Blockades AND Boss Pulling all over the Map!

I’ll tell you now that what you describe sucks. But I don’t think it is banable. In fact I think it is probably a tactic that could be used by some players. I think you should probably really rethink the design of your base that lets someone pull a boss into it. Think of better walls, channeling purges or agressive mobs through clever building. Also there are lots of other players on a server that probably agree with you about this rogue player, join together and make this player miserable. Start pulling bosses to him.

I know it is PVE and you don’t expect this kind of thing, but technically it is still PVE killing you. And this guy gets off trying to introduce conflict.

Build 3 pillar high towers, and station archers on it.
Surround pillars with spikes.
Melee thralls should be sandwhiched between an outer parameter wall, and an inner wall, to act as purge interceptors if they breach the outer parameter.

Boss mobs cannot damage structures in PvE.

  1. He plays alone and his Bases are not Defended by anything -> Pull Boss there is useless.

  2. Re-Think Base design -> Only way is to Build on Water -> all Water places already taken by other Players.
    If i Wall my Base this will go totally AGAINST my PvE Building policy -> ALL my bases are open to EVERYONE !
    So Everyone can acces Wells, Map Rooms, ect…

  3. He always just is Online if i’m NOT online so i can NOT defend my Base!

  4. I NEED my Thralls and Pets to defend my Bases from the Purge!

Overall all your suggestion are not viable in my Situation :frowning:

Exactly that what i did yesterday…
But it seems the Boss “Rockslide” can also attack 4 Pillar High placed Archers.

There MUST be a OFFICIAL Way to prevent this or even punish such f*cking Player(s)…

But semms like most of the Bugs the Dev’s or CM’s are not interested to do anything…

The the Best way seems to “Pay” for a Private Server to prevent such Idiots! and i’m sure i will not do so!
The other Way is to just Quit the game…

Elevators are a solution to having your base accessible to other players whilst keeping the inner areas where your thralls are protected from the world boss.
Or put up massive walls with a doorway without a door in place … a player can run through but a world boss won’t be able to.

(Yes, it is horrible that this player is harassing you like this but unfortunately official servers have no moderators/admin.)

Another option I guess would be to figure out by which route he is bringing it to your base and build a wall across a choke point on that route with an open door so people can get through but the boss can’t. However, that will probably mean he will just switch to a different boss to harass you with from a different direction.

Then NOW is the best time for a Mod/Admin!
Becasue now he Built a Big Fat Plateau in front of my Base so i can not Build a Wall anymore…

I also prevented that he extend this Plateau more becasue its just ridiculous there is no one who cares…

I lost now ~35 Pets and ~5 Thralls because of that, but… who cares :wink:

Sadly to say but this Game still needs a very long way to really get Final in any way…
But sure, add more Content, payable DLC’s and ignore Game Breaking things ^^

There are things in this game that need the devs attention. This is not one of them. You’re asking for a baby sitter to deal with troll behavior. Welcome to online gaming. Your options are wall off so the boss can’t get in, or move. A simple 2 high wall will block the boss and players can simply climb over. You have an easy fix just closing up the open areas in your base it sounds like you’re just too stubborn to do it. And 20 bucks says you can still wall your base in, it’s just not the way you want to do it.


Welcome to official servers where everyone is out to grief you and nobody will do anything about it.my base of 500+ hours was destroyed on a pvEEEEE server using an exploit lost more than 300 chests and 3 vaults more than 5 chests full of t4 thralls and insane resources. My base there is half repaired but still blocked with a wall by the exploiter so i cant build around it any more. he moved all my items to his base months ago. I reported it multiple times here one 3 different posts i made. I PM the community managers, I emailed support even called the offices in norway NOTHING was done. the cheater still plays pretending to be the king of the server. My experience was ruined for me and my clan tho and the fact that were was no justice and that the exploiter was online all day boasting and taunting was even worse. So man just change server or find a private one cause you wont find help here. There is a way to break bases on pve still so try and break his base. When i reported it i was told that the way there is doesnt count as exploit so you are even safe.

Can’t you just put fence foundations and fences around your base(s)? Other players can jump over them and Rockslide won’t damage them, connect them with a short line of foundations to your base so they get refreshed.

Still no comment from any CM (if such even exist…) or f*cking Mod or similar?
You’re really just greedy for money but dont care about anything else…?

Most you’re gonna get is a better-worded and more polite version of “sorry you’re having a bad experience but we don’t moderate official servers”. Because that’s Funcom’s policy on the subject. No need to sit around waiting for that, nor does the name-calling help anyone.

I’m saying this so that you can maybe try some of the tips ‘n’ tricks outlined by others in this thread rather than wait for any powers-that-be solution, because that simply will not happen.


Dude, that kinda comment won’t help…
you’ve had plenty of advice here, you can choose to take it or we’ll what you did… but that won’t help you one bit…

This has happened to me in the past and its pure jerkery.
But it helped me learn how to solo the croc and scorpion bosses.
In the end I protected my thralls and put up a sign saying
“So long and thanks for all the keys”

If you are gonna go, go with a bang. A man who has nothing to lose is a force of nature.

Build over every metal node near that guy’s base, scorched earth. Build giant dick structures all around his base that look suspiciously like middle fingers.

Refresh that out of pure spite for the next 6 months. You’ll be surprised what psychological effect that will have in that dude; and it’s good for your peace of mind aswell.

Better yet: Build and stack 600 torches next to his base. This is known as “load flooding”. This usually makes people’s game lag out then crash when they get close.

Use this un-moderated environment to your advantage; after all, this fool has volunteered to be your new online entertainment, right?

" As a matter of self-preservation, a man needs good friends or ardent enemies, for the former instruct him and the latter take him to task. " - Diogenes

p.s. Build a long road connecting the load-flood with your base. This way you can refresh the load-flood from a distance without crashing yourself.


Go one step further and block all of the all metal. Block everything. Get your other clans concent and remove all world bosses by blocking over their spawn points.

Its a jerk move. But if your server agrees to it. Do it. Make their lives miserable.


Hey there,

We did comment on this a while ago. You can check our statement here:

Game breaking? lol. Just because something irritates you doesnt make it game breaking. Try being pro-active.

… (not worth to say anything)

That could be a way but it is not mine :wink:
If i act like my “Oponent” i am not better and i would also ruin the Game and maybe also other Games for other people -> that will never happen!

Yes, if no one care and the Dev’s are not able to add a simple Report function, it IS Game breaking!
Im sure People like him dont do this the first and not the last time at all!

It’s very simple:
if a Criminal see he can do anything and dont get Puished at all, he never will stop doing so!

Walled my base now and look this:

The Sandstone in front was NOT built by me!
Im not able to Build 24/7 like any other People can!
So again -> Game Breaking!

Yeah many of the the Mass murderers also was truly Sorry!

Get a repair hammer and see who owns it. Start doing the same to his base.