Advice needed to fend off abusers


So I play on official server #1046 pve server and today after I logged on I received a message that I have been killed by thunderfoot. So I walked back all the way from the desert in order to find out that my loot was gone my small hut walls have been destroyed along with my bed apart from that someone placed floor foundations all over my base in order to limit me building anything. Now I wasn’t planning on expanding anyway but how is it possible to be killed by a player while offline and for some of my base to be destroyed ? O_O obviously the player that did this (I am 99% sure it is the one that has a huge base next to me) did this on purpose however my question is how is that possible?

Whoever did it, kited the elephant boss: to your base and fought it in there, he probably did his AoE attack and destroyed your hut and killed you.

Word of advise, don’t build too close to anyone, people in PvE only wants to build big and beatiful structures and they won’t let anyone to spoil their scenery with poor t1 buildings, also, people in officials tends to be ■■■■■■■■.

The only thing you can do now, aside from searching another place to live, is to gather a lot of rocks and wood and build more around them, that will piss them off.


Also, make clusters of gas traps around your base when you log off, and check for decay after you place them, gas traps and explosive traps. Lay them down everywhere around your base, then pick them up when you log in and want to play, or make a chess board of those traps around your base, so you know how to get around, but monsters and npc won’t :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the reply/help

I am playing on PvE server so said player kitted a boss elephant to my base in order to scrreew me over? O_O I think there must be another way considering that first if i was killed by said boss i would have been informed that a boss killed me not a normal mob (I presume I am not certain about this) and second I know I might be annoying people by building my poverty stricken base near them but I am very very far away from the elephant boss (IF my presumption is correct and the elephant boss is near the other elephants /tigers/ rhinos? I have encountered.) In order to straight up run from where the boss is to my base you have to kite him/her/it 15 mins +(if i run non stop and it follows me non stop) and that just seems insane for me.

Anyway let us presume that is the 'technique’that said player is using. I couldn’t help but notice that my chests were not destroyed as well my as leatherworking blacksmith … benches. Are those items indestructible in the PVE environment ? Also said ■■■■ builded foundations all over my base in order to make sure I don’t expand on land my question is if you know if his claim is limited to ground foundations or to ‘‘áir’’ as well? What I am thinking is building a huge tall building and branching out like a tree branches in order to limit his expansion and enter his ‘‘áir’’ territory ? I will do a little bit of testing myself later and see for myself but if you can save me the time that would be great! :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny thing i was almost ready to move on and build a base somewhere else I was even more than willing of destroying my stuff if it was such a problem but now i find myself willing to stick it over to this mother flaker in every single way possible if possible at all >.<

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Land claim is infinitely up and down, so yes it’s in the air and you will not be able to build above his claim.

however iirc the decay timer on unattached foundations has been increased, so unless he interacts with each foundation, they should decay quicker than a full base.

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aha! thank you for the reply good sir! :slight_smile: i will wait patiently in that case. Happy holidays

On official PVE? Yeah, you can get killed by a boss, but how can it destroy your base? As far as I know, the only thing that can damage your buildings on a PVE server is the Purge.

@Frika, how long were you oflline?


Several months ago there was a guy that harassed me and the other people in my clan until we left that Realm. Not only that , but the guy was threatening me and others in my clan making real threats like the kind a stalker makes. I tried to report him here but there wasnt anything that could be done and I tried reporting him outside here but I dont have the proof anymore since I deleted the pictures and didnt have conversation recordings. So basically that guy in a PVE Realm griefed my clan’s bases literally building giant walls around the entire oasis near Sepemeru to lock in anybody so they couldnt leave, and prevent others from getting in to their houses. Apparently I’m not the first person he’s done that to buy the guy has gotten away with that repeatedly. I dont know if I should mention his name here since I blocked him and dont want attention from him, but I’m still worried about going to Official Realms because of him stalking our group for a while and then the possibility of running into him again.

1046 is PvE server, so the boss could have killed the you and your followers, but would have had no effect on your structures or placeables. To destroy those, they would have either had to have decayed, or they would have had to be destroyed by someone else’s purge attackers.


You yourself said that you were killed by the world boss, Thunderfoot.

Correct, building close to other players on a PvE server is one of the surest ways to upset other players. Not only does everyone want to have elbow room, and their own private kingdom, but it is also a very real threat to other players. This is because if two bases are too close, one clan’s purge can hit and damage the other clan’s base. Not only that, but if a clan gets a human purge, having a neighbor nearby could result in the special Purge thralls getting killed by someone else’s defenders.


I am on official 1036 pve-c and there are a couple of guys who regularly do purge pulls on other players to destroy their base. It is really annoying, because if you have players like this on your server, you have to start building like on pvp. At the moment it is tricky as most people are vulnerable, because noone is putting out a lot of defens thralls until the thrall cap goes live


There should be a code check that looks for who triggered the purge and activate damage only to the stuff linked to that person/clan.

In rust when they added the helicopter boss people where using it to raid other people without spending materials for explosives, until the devs implemented a check for building ownership over who triggered the helicopter boss.

Make sense?

Except the Purge is LITERALLY the only way PvE clans on Official servers have of protecting themselves against griefers. Do what you say, and the spammers can go unchecked. The positives outweigh the negatives.


Have you considered traveling around the map and pulling every legendary creature you can find to his doorstep? I bet he wouldn’t be too happy about that. A spawn trap like that would be a decent means of revenge

But for real I would suggest finding a private server with a community and settings you like.

Kind of curious why people keep suggesting the newer player (who built close to an established player) go out of their way to escalate the conflict. IME, that’s a good way to get the rest of the established players to band together against the new-comer – unless the established player has a history of being a jerk, of course.


I usually agree with you on most topics, but I can’t on this one. Purge-kiting might be the only mechanism we have against griefers right now, but it’s also used by griefers themselves. As a matter of fact, I suspect it’s used more by griefers than those who fight them.

I would like the team to limit Purge damage to the clan being purged, while simultaneously implementing changes that would help fight griefers. Many people have had good ideas on what Funcom could give us to fight griefers, but I’m not going to derail this thread by diving into them.

Suffice it to say that there are good solutions, but they require Funcom to care about this problem enough and, sadly, I don’t see it happening any time soon. At this rate, we’ll be lucky if they ever fix the flaws in the thrall leveling system, let alone doing stuff to help PVE players fight against griefers :frowning:

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On the other hand, I can agree with this, if perhaps not for the same reasons as yours :smiley:

I understand why people are pissed off at the incumbent, because he or she seems like a bully: if a newcomer builds close to you, can you not first try to talk to them, before kiting Thunderfist (and possibly the Purge)?

But here’s the thing with videogame bullies: escalating the conflict with them just works against you. Even the nicest server community might not want to risk getting caught up in a protracted, ugly conflict with a troll just to defend a newcomer. And if they do decide to help the newcomer, it might ruin the whole server, because the bully might decide to start paving the server in sandstone, close off passages, wall in resources, etc.

So, the best course of action is to learn how to avoid pißing people off and how to defend/protect yourself from trolls as best you can. :man_shrugging:

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If you do this, then you’ll simply see a new form of griefing: players deliberately building near other clans to derail their purges. It would be so simple. See a huge base from a very active clan? Build near them and wait for the purge. Your own structures will be invincible, and you can reap the rewards at your leisure.

As for your underlying point, I’m all for additional solutions to griefing, but TBH the method we actually need (active admins) simply is not feasible on the official servers.

One place to start, though (and hopefully and “easy win”), would be to ensure that the spawns inside of dungeons & caves ignore landclaim. In this way, the Chosen of Asura, or resources in the Silver Mine wouldn’t be despawned by people’s building atop them. In a lot of instances, this isn’t even actual trolling but accidental, yet the ill-will and damaged gameplay experience that comes of it is just as real.


Until about three weeks ago “1046” was a nice and quiet little Server with small population.
Now there are many newcomers and probably they are not so civilized when it comes to land claim.

The northern regions are mostly unoccupied at the moment. If you need assistance to relocate, contact me.

I was mostly joking about the revenge and also suggested a better plan that was more peaceful

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