Being camp killed and having bosses baited to us CONSTANTLY

So there are a group of seven of us on an official PVE C server who were greatly enjoying the game. Two or three days in a level 60 clan of four found us and have since sat camping us for the majority of pvp time each day. Even if we are carrying nothing they kill us, which has massively stopped us from developing our base.
We got a fair bit done in those three days so really don’t want to switch server and let them win.
Even in non-pvp times they lure boss creates to our base to keep the pressure on and kill any thrall we put about to protect against the purge (which we WERE excited about).

Is there anything we can do about this?
We tried moving camp but they seem to just sweep the map daily and steal anything that isn’t nailed down :frowning:
It was a really fun game at first but it’s being ruined for 7 of us…

Please send help

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Well… other than accepting that people are often complete dicks to each other in a PVP environment “because they can”… no, not a whole lot you can do, really. I realize this post is not very helpful, sorry.


Hey man sorry to hear yall are going through that but honestly you just have some people in this world that have nothing better to do then to mess with others while they just try and play the game. My suggestion and this is not just to invite you to my private server but to encourage you moving and trying something more monitored. For example me being the admin on my server we have certain rules against grieving players for no reason. We have the weekends set up for raiding so raid then but no need to mess with people during regular days when they are trying to experience the game from the PVE aspect of things.

Its set up like this
Name:Seasons in the Abyss 18+
Community:Seasons in the Abyss 18+
No spamming of pillars or foundations to prevent others from building or it’s an instant ban.
No wiping a persons base without declaring war on them in the community page.
Only was car happen after being raided.

This is on PS4 and if you have time check it out. Message me on PSN if u need some help @ YGDaie

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Short Term:
Build a second base kind of far away of your present base and very important, far away from an obelisk (Teleporting stone, check one of the online maps for their locations). Place a bed in one base and a sleeping roll in the other. Everytime they camp one spot, put everything in a chest, suicide and spawn in the other base to continue farming. Transfer the stuff to your main base when its save. Don’t get fighting Thralls, the lowlevels are weak and wouldn’t save you from any purge. The only Thralls that are worthwhile are the ones from the volcano.

Long Term:
It will probably happen that they find both bases and camp them both, either build a third base or finally start powerleveling to fight back. You’re seven people! Do your Journey steps!, explore the map and grind enemies in the Mounts of the dead or New Asagarth, they give lot’s of XP and drop Steel (Just build a small hut nearby to store it, transfer when safe). Or build reinforced stone buildings, they give the most XP, don’t build Black Ice (worst XP), Khitan or Aquilonian who give less. Important: Get a Level 2+ Blacksmith before you craft Steel Reinforcements, it halves it costs from 2 to 1) Start fighting each other to get used to fighting. Use spears in teamfights, always fight in superior numbers, noone can defend against 3 even lower level when they know what they are doing. Choose your Armour: Strength is king!


Hey bud, I’ll put this to the team, none of us are too keen to start over (for a third time) but it does sound good having a monitored server.
I’ll contact you if they decide to go with it :slight_smile:

Cool beans man yeah just let me know what you and all your buddies decide to do and if your all willing to come over i will make sure to give u guys some starter items and things that way u guys can hop right into the game rather then wasting to much time in the beginning.

Thanks man, these are some really good tips. We set up an outpost near the Mounds of the Dead yesterday (when they dragged the massive spider across the map to wipe our thrall) so perhaps we will try this.
Also, I like the practice fights, has the added bonus of sounding fun!

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