Griefiing Problems

There’s a clan blocking off obelsisks on my server. Is this allowed? It’s extremely frustrating.

Are you on an official server? If so, then yes, it’s allowed. It’s a lousy, lazy, trollish thing to do, but it’s allowed. Sorry.

Gees that’s rough. And they camp the obelisks that are open

Fight fight fight that what the game all about innit.

Yeah but it’s also grinding. Running around in encumberance build and getting killed half the time because you can’t actually fight Lol

I get it though

SO since they can kill, it is either PVE-C or PVP. PVP, just blow them open, it is part of the game. PVE-C, well yeah, then that is trollish, as it can’t be countered. So just ave someone troll inside the obby and kill them and keep dewapwing their stuff. Stack up on food and water, and actually no gear (you will get that off them as needed). Just need a nice dragon bone or kingslayer spear, kill when they port (the trolls who blocked it). Have a couple of people watch the outsides as well so you can kill them coming from that side. Again, just loot, climb obvy and drop to decay thier crap on top (this will allow you to kick them off if they try to climb and get the loot bag). Once you know it is decayed. blood port. Job well done:)


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