Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [EXPLOIT]

IS ANYONE GOING TO ADDRESS THE BS ISSUE OF KILLING PEOPLE AND BLOCKING OBELISKS??? I’d like a dev to answer me directly. The tribes names are on the foundations you can’t attack and they wait for you as you pass through which btw you are standing there for a damn minute before you can even counter at all!!! Reply and action would be nice! I’m tired of ppl exploiting and cheating!***

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Hey there,

Please read this announcement about griefing and harassment in game:

Being a PVP server, we’d recommend attacking those structures during raid time.


It’s a shame that people are able block obelisks at all… On our server we claimed every obelisk with T3 structures to make sure no one can easy block them and ruin the experience for every other player/tribe on the server! I feel like that every alpha tribe should do that in order to prevent griefing at the obelisks!

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I have PROOF. As well as screenshots of the tribe involved and the subsidiary tribes involved. Yes I think a ban would be appropriate!

Obelisk blocking’s on pvp isn’t an exploit, but a strategy. Being pvp, you actually have the option to take care of it yourself, build some bombs, blow it up, build your own claim around the obelisk.


Obelisk camping is actually a time honored PVP tradition and a great way to farm!

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Pretty sure it’s also against the games griefing and blocking the obelisk policy…

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I can understand your frustration being ganked but unfortunately obelisk camping/blocking on PVP is legitimate gameplay. It’s a normal everyday thing on many PVP servers. I gank at obs and occasionally get ganked myself lol.
I suggest next time you have buddies check obs to see if they’re clear or not.

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Yep, outside of PVE/PVE-C servers, this is very controllable. Just blow there stuff up, then build around it yourself. OR camp them, and then blow your way out lol.

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Could you post the screen shots? I would actually like to see this also is this a private server? I want to test something out that may help you so I would like to see the way they are set up and the server type private or official PvP? Or PvC?

I have been working on ways to stop this type of stuff on PvC and it may work on PvP but I’ve never seen this actually happen before so.

Ignasis isn’t it impossible to build too close to a Obelisk? On Official Servers? I know on private servers Admin mode allows building any place the admin wants regardless of what would normally not be allowed on a official server. Just wanted to confirm this.

The problem with the idea of a no build zone is people will just build outside of that zone and still block it off

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I don’t think it matters how large an area they designate as no building area people who want to grief will still grief and it will just take up more space then it does now.

I don’t have an answer or solution to the issue I just wanted to say that people that do this type of thing will find a way to do it no matter what.


Not if you make a leyline highway that people can’t build on down the center of roads two foundations wide and two foundations high.

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Same. We used altars

Got tired of the bs… so we blue up the base they decided to build all around and ABOVE it and build around it ourselves. Thx for the support. These griefing trolls will meet their end


There are always going to be people who just want to be jerks. We’ve seen clans on our server block off legendary chests, bosses, passages to areas, and just resource spawns in general. We have two clans fighting to see who can build the largest, most obnoxious bases in the game.

The responses when we contact them range from “So?”, “Because”, “Mind your own business”, to no response at all.

There’s not really much that can be done other than limiting the size of bases through the game mechanics, but does anyone really want that?

That was and always is the answer. Your playing conan pvp act like it.

This is why you need better support. Whole server has been plagued now this guy admits it. Get your crap together pls devs