Building around volcno obelisk is killing the integrity of the game. Is this allowed?

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[Are you guy aware that the volcano obelisk arr getting walled up. On the official server we are on if you ised to map room to teleport to the vocalno you can not get out. Its killing the integrity of the game. Is this allowed or is this something that will be fixed in the future? Building around the obelisk shoud be zone free right? Thanks in advance ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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That is called pillaring as it seems and poses a great issue. However, you can still use the black keep port and run into volcano manually.

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I totally get the frustration of the obelisks being walled up for kill rooms and I have also thought that this is wrong. Lately though I have been considering the fact that I might be wrong on this, I can hear the rage already…

Is it not a good tactic for PVP to take control of any fast travel within your territory? The obelisk doesn’t stop game play, you can walk to the volcano or any other obelisk area. I am starting to think it is actually a wise play for tribes to take over an obelisk. When we are warring with other tribes we often have people stand guard watching the obelisk for players coming to support the fight or to sneak bombs quickly to a base.

If a tribe can trap that player and take the bombs or siege materials, it actually seems like a logical and tactical advantage. Now the nice thing to do when not at war, would to leave a gate open for non-raid time or peace time. Lets face it though overall PVP is not based on being nice to a potential enemy.

On PVE servers there is no justification to block it but PVP it seems like a smart play.


Yes I understand that. Im just noticing it make many people leave the server. One clan has basically took iver the whole server. Our clan dont try to have wars with ither clans. Just seems unfair!!! Plus if you teleport to the valcano during off hours you camt even attempts to blow the wall down. So your basically stuck and loses everything due to removing bracelet.

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Thanks we have no choice bit to utilize the black keep port. However, we shouldnt have to go around the would. Lol

Well on pc official 1153, a clan (which was rumored to be rented to kill alpha by a medium sized cowardly clan) did that to both swungle, sinkhole and seperemu obelisks. We countered future volcano and frost temple blocking by claiming that land ourselfes…
Though sinkhole should prove to be really hard to fully block (was only partially blocked on said server) due to the actual entrance of that thing.
Other hard or even impossible to block obelisks are nameless city, dregs, mounds and said black keep one.
So the lesson we learnt? Mainbase back in the furthest corner of swungle? Very, very bad idea!

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Thanks for your response. Im hoping this would get the developers attention in case they didn’t realize how this is compromising the sever. And making people leave the server!!!

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Go during raid time and just start making holes though the wall. if you clear enough on one side you can block their land claim by building there. Do it when you have time to build and blow stuff. If you really want the obelisk it will take some work on your teams part.

Good deal thanks

True. Said server seems to have went from #83 to below 500. From 20-30 players each evening down to 5…

Yes. Ideally while the owners are not online, as replacing parts of the wall isnt any problem at all…
Also remember to build a path out, not just a lil hut, which might be blocked as well. In case of volcano… Just build towards that place with the devotees. You will really soon hit a point from which on you wont be able to build further, as the system wont allow you to. Means they cant block from there.

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There has been over 153 posts on forums about people blocking oblesks and things on pc,ps4,xbox devs replied official servers are not watched anything goes. I feel for you we went from 30 people a day down to 3

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This actually has more negative reviews then noman’s sky and ark which i never thought anything would be worse then that. 3 Websites have wrote indepth negative reviews. I have seen some amazing builders when this was in early access now none of the top twitch streamers will do it;( You can build so many great things.

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That true!!!

So final answer is it is allowed to block Oblesks on official? devs will do nothing ? checked 15 official servers for new home and each one things are blocked;( so much anger on servers


none of the teleports are blocked on our server 3977

Max the official statement until changed is unfortunately yes.

They made some of the land in front of the Obe that leads to the cave out and to the devotee area for unbuildable. Maybe in they future they will do the entire path the Obe. But the problem is space in the volcano area as well.

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thank you …

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