Clan blocking obs

I have a clan blocking the volcano ob in server official us 3820. I shouldn’t have to ask permission to use a ob in a official server. @Hugo ! PS_App_20201125_081113|690x388

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Well, from the Pictures the doors are open, so they don’t “block” the use of the Obelisk.

But here is a link for you.

But as long as they don’t block, IE making so you can’t access it, I can’t see you will get any help sadly.
Fail to see the point in doing like this since they can close the doors anytime they like but…

Good luck tho.


You might want to get some pictures with the doors closed. As @Cardinal said not proof of injury. If they trap you in there I think that’s substantial proof.

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forget it, funcom will do nothing. They are omissive think they do a favor in making the game available online … Conan Exiles is a land without law, unfortunately

Update. They closed the ob. Also they have heat traps in the walls. @Hugo will you do something now funcom?

That has not been my experience.

I would suggest following the official reporting path.

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This is not the correct place to report server abuse.

@Cardinal has provided the link, please submit the report properly.

The only way to stop it is to disallow building in that area around the obelisk.

It’s like WoW’s heartstone but by jerry rigging the obelisk. Maybe CE should have implemented it to end the nonsense because it is only fun to the clan that built it. We want fun for all in game.

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What does Funcom mean by this? Other than loading mods…what are the ‘intricacies’? There are plenty of great admins on private servers and most are very helpful to their population.

well the intricacies are that if you play on private server , funcom has nothing to do with what happens on them . Or if tomorow the private servers you played on for years shuts down due to it’s owner not paying anymore , then you can only hope the owner is nice enough to provide the database ( if you ever wanna provide a new server to the old server community ) and so forth … those are the intricacies of playing on a private server ( and I just spoke of the 2 ones that came to my mind , i can think of many more )

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That was on an official server … I don’t play on a private server

More people should try it. My server is paid a year in advance and I’m very responsive in Discord. I’m sure there are plenty others out there like mine. : )

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Why won’t you just play on a private server if ob blocking is your biggest issues. Cause it’s surely my last problem when it comes to PvP server. xD theirs hundreds of exploit in this game and ob blocking is the most “legit” one imo

It’s not even an exploit, it’s just a super annoying tactic

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It’s been suggested 200 times and the answer is, annoying people will just build a bigger wall

As others stated they are not blocking access to the ob so they are 100% in the right to build the way it is. Even if they close the doors let’s say during PvP times if on a pvpc server. It is temporary I don’t think that is even enforceable since its a tactic.

…no, if you use the obelisk you can never be sure that the doors are still open on the other side. if they are not, you are trapped :wink: so this is blocking.

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It seems they do close the doors.

You do get a Ban if you block Obelisks, POI, and other similar items in the game.

Why would you for what ever reason block them, the only thing you do is make people sad and or mad.

People should remember we are playing with others online, you don’t play with your self.

The server I play on we help all if we can, and trying to get new players to be active in chat. Yes it’s a PVE server.

Still, I’ve played PVP Servers too, and I fail too see why you would even considering ruin others game play doing thins like this, play fair and you will have a lot more fun in the end and ppl might even stay on and give you back for attacking last time, ruin like blocking will in the end give you a ban or people will leave, and how fun is it to play alone online ?.

For that you have single player.

tp naked first. Or just tp to Black Keep or Temple of Frost.

It’s not an exploit, it’s just an annoying thing people can do.

I have something similar different ob. But it’s more of a welcome to this ob build with no doors.

I agree if they close the doors it should be bannable. Again you have to get that proof that its actually happening. Open doors aren’t bannable.