Closing off all Obelisks in the Jungle so Nobody can get there

On the Official Server #3208 are all Obelisks build in by the clan “The Patriots” so nobody can use them.

This is just bad for the good experience you can get at this part of the map with good building spots and many mobs, bosses and even a dungeon. You can only get there by walking or teleporting to the sinkhole obelisk, which they also tried to cut off.

It would not only make me, it would make the whole server feel safer if they don’t have to worry about using the maproom.

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Welcome to the forums Olix! Im pretty sure I just saw this complaint and it was flagged that your server might just be a pvp server? If thats not the case, sorry to hear about that unfortunately youll be told to find a private server. Im sure theres a good Samaritan or two that can point you to a decent one on ps4.

But … if you are on a pvp server … you should coordinate an offensive and blow them up. Thats why you picked pvp right? If im not confusing the thread i just read then you guys can team up to post about the issue, or it is in fact that problematic for the whole server that you and the other guy should get in contact. Happy hunting :slight_smile:

Please read our official server rules and procedures:

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