Check out the official server, admin, pls!

Hello. I have a problem. I started play on pvp server #3212, but I found out that other clan built over almost all obelisk… I can’t teleport to obelisk because I’ll stay in… it’s a trap. I think that’s not ok, because obelisks are for all players, aren’t? Thanks.

The obelisks have also been closed on the official 3216 server

There are no admins. Funcom doesn’t care unless what they are doing makes the game unplayable, and you can play without fast travel. There is a post on these forums talking about how they can’t hire enough staff to police the official servers.

Your only option is to deal with it, destroy it yourself since it is a PVP server, or move to another server. If you want a moderated server, find a decent private one instead.

That’s why you can make explosives in conan