Why is blocking obilisk allowed?

On the server I play on the players have the obilisk blocked to where we can get in but can’t climb out.Is there away to report this or fix it.

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Try talking to the clan, otherwise report it to Harassment and Griefing Issues.

It’s a dick move, but it should be allowed. They claimed ownership of it; it’s theirs to defend against trespassers. If you don’t like it, you should negotiate with them peacefully, or destroy their base. If you’re too weak, gather some allies to take it down together.

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Well, you have tagged this forum thread as referring to PvP, so I’m guessing that means you are playing on a PvP server. If you don’t like what a clan has done to an obelisk, and you consider such actions ‘an act of war’, get your clan mates and other server ‘allies’ (even in a temporary alliance) and go “remove” them (whether through diplomacy or more aggressive, ‘hostile negotiations’). Or you can surrender to them (and let them have the obelisk), join their clan (so you can have access, too), or simply move to another server (starting over in peace somewhere else). In PvP, you have many options available to you.


Anything that disables a user from playing the game isn’t really allowed - although of course they could interact with the obelisk still and then die, but that would mean they’d either need to restart their playing experience or not take anything with them. There have been many people complaining about it.

PVP is a server for war, obelisks are an advantage for any who control them. Expect traps and enemies at every obelisk.

and you wonder why the server pops are in the hundreds now … Because of dbags like this.

aww its ok big bad pvp servers wont hurt you. there are PVE servers and PVE-C servers for you.

By the way, just because I agree its a viable tactic, doesn’t mean that I do it.

Exactly like I have to run across the map just to get my base it just takes alot of time it kinda makes the map useless

I agree its smart however it makes using the map pointless.

To me, I wouldn`t even dare try to block off an obelisk as there is a big risk to even just blocking it off in my opinion since those things are a big geyser of corruption and can be risky blocking off especially if you don’t have a dancer.

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yeah it is ok, i uninstalled long ago because of people like you. Have fun raiding the last 50 people playing the game in the states.


Not much fault I just don’t see the point of even having maps or obelisk if players are going to block off the obelisk. My personal opinion.

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If it is a PvE-C ore PvE server, it’s not allowed since you cannot damage buildings (aside from exploits). If it is a PvP server, since you could destroy anything blocking the obeslisk it’s just frowned upon.



stop providing input for a game you don’t play and especially for a play style (pvp) that you don’t even like. PvP is supposed to be hostile and hard, filled by small moments of peace. I typically play solo and don’t have any issue with players blocking them. I do however love blowing up their ungaurded obelisk bases. That is the destruction I like to cause, raiding is fun if I can blow a hole and make out with a few goodies.

The game is an open world and if you let crap Ike that get to you then you won’t enjoy it.


I agree but its not even a base its just a walllol definantly gonna have fun blowing it up.

There is a difference between cutting off the starter desert and deny newly created characters to leave the area and blocking a obelisk. Blocking an obelisk is a d*** move but you can still enter the area by just running there. All they do is taking away the comfortable teleporting from you.

I never blocked an obelisk but remember the times when obelisks and map rooms were not in the game?
Those times when climbing wasn’t in the game?
Back then when the claim of certain NPC camps (Black Galleon) were much smaller?

When a clan or player blocked a passage it meant war and we would make sure he or them learn their lesson. I’m against exploiting and heavy griefing but this is a case I’m used to from the past and on PVP servers you have the means to solve this problem. Just go there and blow it up over and over again. Or you better go to their base and blow that thing up. Or you camp an obelisk and kill them every time they port to it.

Idk…but I’m always thankful for bad guys like these on the server. It creates an even better reason to fight them except it being a PVP server in first place.


i have 2400 hours playing this game and payed for both DLCs bud and I’ve done my fair share of raiding but my problems are the fundamental game flaws. If you can’t see your body almost 2 years into the game then something is wrong. If someone can build walls 200 high and jump off, on top of a base and not die, something is wrong. If you log out in your base and die of heatstroke something is wrong, if you can raid other players during the middle of the night, something is wrong.

The game started out great yeah, we can overlook certain details. The problem is a couple core game mechanics are broken and once a bug is fixed, its broke the next patch because of other fixes.

Don’t get me wrong I love this game. I’ve played this game almost as much as World of tanks.

But, the lack of knowledge, priorities and other poor decisions have made me look elsewhere.

So don’t lecture me about maybe pvp servers arent for me. If it wasnt for people like me this game wouldnt be what it is!


I thought we were talking about blocking obelisks, bugs have nothing to do with this conversation and add nothing to your argument of it not being allowed.

There was no lecture just a comment that you shouldn’t provide input on something you don’t play. enjoy whatever else it is you moved on to and let the people who actually play the game help the developers grow the game.